Register Updated Auust 1, 2018 40 TFs are not verifiable listed in TSO 1964-72-75
1,055 if all cars above can be verified
NOTE:   cars listed in VIOLET were registered with the NEMGTR in 1964  TSO Vol.1 No.1 and may no longer exist ( 4 CARS)
NOTE:  cars listed in RED were registered with NEMGTR in 1972 and may no longer exist ( 9 CARS)
NOTE: cars listed in GREEN were registered with the NEMGTR in 1975 and may no longer exist ( 29 CARS)
Owners   Chassis # Disp ENGINE # build date Body # Color Country E-Mail
1953…...September 17th through December 31st - numbers TF 0501 through TF 2177      
HDP43/0502 1250cc XPAG 30309 Red USA
Roy Mercer   HDP43/0509 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Richard Wood    HDC43/0523 1250cc XPAG 30496 ebay USA  
Kyle Gehring   HDC43/0525 1250cc XPAG 30480 BRG USA  
R. Knight   HDC43/0526 1250cc XPAG 35063 Green AUS  
Terry Calfree   HDC43/0527 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/0530 1250cc XPAG 30468 ebay  
Michael T. Moreland   HDC43/0535 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA43/0537 1250cc XPAG 30346 ebay USA  
John Thomas   HDC43/0538 1250cc XPAG 30556 Red G.B.  
Rick McGuire   HDE43/0565 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
Mark Brandow   HDE43/0560 1250cc XPAG USA  
Hagen Schreiber   HDC36/0603 1250cc XPAG SWE  
Hagen Schreiber   HDC36/0604 1250cc XPAG SWE  
  HDE43/0615 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Ronald R. Stange   HDE43/0618 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
  HDP46/0633 1250cc XPAG 30574  
  HDP46/0635 1250cc XPAG 30922 ebay  
  HDE43/0646 1250cc XPAG 30573 ebay Green USA  
Ms. Billie J. Stacey   HDC46/0669 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/0692 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
  HDC13/0694 1250cc XPAG 30952 ebay USA  
Theodore Horning   HDC46/0701 1250cc XPAG 30889   Green USA  
Jim Jones   HDC46/0707 1250cc XPAG 30888 USA  
James Hoskins   HDE43/0709 1250cc XPAG USA  
Peter T, McLean   HDP46/0728 1250cc XPAG USA  
Dominic Juliano   HDA46/0731 1250cc XPAG USA  
Chris Vastine   HDA46/0736 1250cc XPAG  
Bruce L. Ricker   HDC46/0742 1250cc XPAG USA    
John R. Turbyfill   HDC46/0749 1250cc XPAG USA  
Jack B. Stauffer   HDB46/0765 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/0766 1250cc XPAG ebay  
  HDB46/0767 1250cc XPAG 30873 ebay  
Carl W. Hexamer   HDE43/0777 1250cc XPAG USA  
John Brickell   HDP46/0781 1250cc XPAG USA  
John A. Heist   HDA46/0790 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/0815 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Jackie Beadoin   HDC36/0817 1250cc XPAG  
Peter Jenniches   HDC36/0818 1250cc XPAG GER  
Neil C. Kulbel   HDC43/0828 1250cc XPAG USA  
Bruce Blankenship   HDB46/0839 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/0840 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Thomas Baumgardner   HDB46/0841 1250cc XPAG USA  
A Pekors   HDC26/0875 1250cc XPAG 31130 black Singapore  
  HDC46/0877 1250cc XPAG 30637 ebay USA  
Einer Anderson   HDC46/0887 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert Hutchinson   HDC46/0890 1250cc XPAG USA  
Jean F. Henshaw   HDC46/0891 1250cc XPAG  
Larry & Gayla Kanaster   HDC46/0892 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
John W. Barausky   HDC46/0893 1250cc XPAG USA  
Tom & Cheri Fant   HDC46/0895 1250cc XPAG 30726 ebay USA  
  HDC46/0898 1250cc XPAG 31000 white USA  
Ger Prins   HDE43/0917 1250cc XPAG 30430 HOL  
Sarah Glazier   HDP46/0921 1250cc XPAG USA  
John Roper (2)   HDP46/0922 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/0930 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Robert Johnson   HDB46/0948 1250cc XPAG 30581 for restoration Red USA  
Steve R. Harris   HDB46/0950 1250cc XPAG  
William B. Canfield   HDC46/0953 1250cc XPAG USA  
Bob Johnson   HDC46/0958 1250cc XPAG USA  
Herbert  Walling   HDC46/0959 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/0962 1250cc XPAG e-bay sale Red USA  
Edward Wros   HDC46/0965 1250cc XPAG 30988 9434 Red USA  
  HDC46/0974 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
  HDC46/0975 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Randolph Hicks    HDC46/0980 1250cc XPAG 31103 USA  
Len Johnson   HDC46/0985 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/0989 1250cc XPAG 31168 ebay 9687  
I Nuedorfer   HDC46/0997 1250cc XPAG 31178 USA  
John & Lynn Wieser   HDA46/1002 1250cc XPAG  
  HDE43/1020 1250cc XPAG 31073 ebay USA    
  HDP46/1030 1250cc XPAG ebay    
Peter  Canty   HDB46/1042 1250cc XPAG 30805 (bmc44143) Red IRE  
  HDB46/1044 1250cc XPAG 31263 ebay Red USA  
Guy Reynolds   HDC46/1067 1250cc XPAG 31291 Black CAN  
  HDC46/1072 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
Jeffrey Payne                    HDC46/1085 1250cc XPAG 31311 11/15/1953 9669 Red USA  
David Frederick   HDE43/1101 1250cc XPAG USA  
Donald Lippoth   HDE43/1128 1250cc XPAG USA  
Malcom McCay   HDP46/1137 1250cc XPAG CAN  
John R. Secord   HDP46/1139 1250cc XPAG 31302 Red USA  
John & Paula Elliot   HDA46/1151 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/1156 1250cc XPAG 30831 ebay USA  
  HDA46/1164 1250cc XPAG 31365 ebay Cream USA  
David Nash    HDA46/1171 1250cc XPAG 31337 USA  
Joseph M. Proud   HDA46/1173 1250cc XPAG USA  
Wlliam Litchfield   HDA46/1175 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/1186 1250cc XPAG 31358 USA  
Ted Canterbury Jr.   HDB46/1190 1250cc XPAG USA  
L. G. Edwards   HDB46/1194 1250cc XPAG USA  
David B. Deuel   HDB46/1195 1250cc XPAG 31359 Green USA  
  HDB46/1199 1250cc XPAG  
  HDB46/1200 1250 cc XPAG e-bay basket case Red USA  
  HDB46/1207 1250cc XPAG 30684 ebay  
  HDC46/1227 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC26/1236 1250cc XPAG 31049 AUS  
Donald J. Fifolt 3   HDE43/1248 1250cc XPAG 31443 9496 Green USA  
  HDA46/1250 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
C Gorrick   HDE43/1253 1250cc XPAG 34216 AUS  
  HDE33/1254 1250cc XPAG 3600 AUS  
Robert J. Satava   HDE43/1255 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Alan&Penny McWain   HDE43/1256 1250cc XPAG USA  
Frank Boyce   HDE43/1258 1250cc XPAG    
  HDP46/1260 1250cc XPAG 31185 ebay  
  HDE43/1290 1250cc XPAG 31404 9773 Black USA  
Gene Vierling   HDB46/1292 1250cc XPAG USA  
William J. Messinger   HDB46/1295 1250cc XPAG USA  
Rorry Harding   HDB46/1298 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Ronald Domeck    HDC46/1307 1250cc XPAG USA    
Thomas L. Hoy   HDC46/1309 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/1315 1250cc XPAG  
Ernst K. Marburg   HDC46/1320 1250cc XPAG USA  
John L. Spreng   HDA46/1332 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/1333 1250cc XPAG  
  HDA46/1335 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Robert A. Stokes   HDA46/1336 1250cc XPAG USA  
Richard G. Darst   HDA46/1340 1250cc XPAG USA  
Dr. B.G. Sandman   HDA46/1341 1250cc XPAG USA  
Kern T.Matlock   HDA46/1343 1250cc XPAG USA  
Wayne Duncan   HDE43/1359 1250cc XPAG USA    
Richard Katzman   HDE43/1352 1250cc XPAG USA  
John L. Zemany   HDE43/1362 1250cc XPAG USA  
Douglas Clark   HDE43/1363 1250cc XPAG 30642 MG Red USA  
  HDE43/1376 1250cc XPAG 31453 ebay 9909 USA  
Ralph J. Catteneo    HDE23/1381 1250cc XPAG USA  
R Ellison   HDE23/1382 1250cc XPAG 31467 AUS  
Giullio Picolli   HDP46/1393 1250cc XPAG 31511 11068 IVORY USA  
James L. Cousino   HDP46/1399 1250cc XPAG USA  
Frank Cronin   HDB46/1414 1250cc XPAG 30748 USA    
Diana Hewitt   HDB26/1419 1250cc XPAG 34631 AUS  
  HDC26/1422 1250cc XPAG AUS  
Frey   HDC26/1423 1250cc XPAG 30564 DkRed AUS  
Warren Kring    HDC46/1432 1250cc XPAG DkRed USA  
  HDC46/1442 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/1455 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/1458 1250cc XPAG 31567 ebay White USA  
Rich S. Stephenson   HDC46/1468 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert Price   HDC46/1469 1250cc XPAG 31549 ebay USA  
R Stutton     HDC26/1484 1250cc XPAG AUS  
D Rawson    HDC26/1485 1250cc XPAG 35229 green AUS  
Wayne Styles     HDC26/1487 1250cc XPAG 30368 DkRed Tasmania  
A Golding   HDC26/1488 1250cc XPAG 30328 red AUS  
Bill Barnes   HDE43/1501 1250cc XPAG USA  
John G. Barrie    HDE13/1511 1250cc XPAG USA  
Michael Leckstien   HDE43/1523 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC43/1528 1250cc XPAG ebay  
  HDC26/1530 1250cc XPAG  
Jean Hilldale    HDA26/1538 1250cc XPAG 31646  
A Patterson   HDA26/1539 1250cc XPAG 31642 red AUS  
Fred & Jane Freeman   HDA46/1542 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA43/1545 1250cc XPAG  
  HDB26/1551 1250cc XPAG 31445 LtGrey AUS  
  HDB46/1553 1250cc XPAG USA  
Cassal Adamson   HDB46/1555 1250cc XPAG USA  
Jeffrey B. Shaub   HDB46/1558 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/1567 1250cc XPAG Black USA  
  HDP46/1586 1250cc XPAG 30374 ebay  
  HDP46/1596 1250cc XPAG 31656 ebay  
Juan Prieto   HDP46/1600 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/1609 1250cc XPAG 30661 ebay  
  HDB46/1610 1250cc XPAG 31477 USA  
Timothy Ferrell   HDB46/1614 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC26/1633 1250cc XPAG 36105 Red AUS  
G Forbes   HDC26/1634 1250cc XPAG 30634 red AUS  
Kelsey Phelps   HDC46/1647 1250cc XPAG  
Chip Long   HDC46/1649 1250cc XPAG 31681 Red USA  
Sandy Fraser    HDC46/1662 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Terry A. Clark   HDC46/1663 1250cc XPAG USA  
Yvonne  Laviale   HDC46/1672 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/1693 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
  HDC46/1695 1250cc XPAG ebay  
  HDE43/1706 1250cc XPAG 31689 ebay USA  
  HDE43/1713 1250cc XPAG ebay  
David Snedicker   HDE43/1717 1250cc XPAG USA  
Geoffrey Wheatly       HDE43/1720 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE43/1733 1250cc XPAG  
William A. Berderon   HDC46/1757 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/1763 1250cc XPAG  
Renzo Rapaccioli   HDC46/1767 1250cc XPAG 30662 FRA  
  HDE43/1777 1250cc XPAG 31137 ebay USA  
Frederick H. Kirk   HDA46/1781 1250cc XPAG USA  
Steve Wright   HDB46/1786 1250cc XPAG 31732 Black USA  
  HDA46/1787 1250cc XPAG 31731 Black USA    
  HDA46/1795 1250cc XPAG 31738 Green USA  
Bill & Evelyn Lynch   HDA46/1796 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/1812 1250cc XPAG 31741 ebay 11271  
G Pearson   HDP26/1818 1250cc XPAG 32343 AUS  
Richard H. Cobb    HDP46/1820 1250cc XPAG 30822 USA  
Davis Hodson   HDP46/1826 1250cc XPAG 30669 Green USA  
A Rynberk   HDP26/1831 1250cc XPAG 31757 Ivory AUS  
Phil Dalby *   HDC26/1833 1250cc XPAG 31754 Sep-53 11420 AUS  
  HDB46/1849 1250cc XPAG ebay  
C Stevens   HDB26/1874 1250cc   XPAG Green AUS  
A Lett   HDB26/1875 1250cc XPAG 31803 Black AUS  
  HDC46/1879 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Hans Laurell   HDC46/1885 1250cc XPAG  
Marie Weisenborn*    HDC46/1886 1250cc XPAG USA  
H Farrow   HDC46/1886 1250cc XPAG 36048 Brown AUS  
David Hodson   HDC46/1890 1250cc XPAG 31617 White USA  
Frank Bice   HDC46/1891 1250cc XPAG 20670 Engine replaced Red USA  
  HDC26/1918 1250cc XPAG 30353 AUS  
  HDE43/1919 1250cc XPAG 31209 ebay Green USA    
  HDE43/1934 1250cc XPAG ebay    
  HDE43/1935 1250cc XPAG USA    
Russel D Young   HDE43/1936 1250cc XPAG  
  HDE43/1941 1250cc XPAG 31810 ebay 11264 USA  
Charles K Krary   HDE13/1958 1250cc XPAG  
Ross Waldorf  1975   HDA46/1968 1250cc XPAG 31905 USA  
  HDA46/1972 1250cc XPAG Black USA  
Gene A. Fleri   HDC46/1987 1250cc XPAG USA  
Thomas Maracle  1975   HDC46/1991 1250cc XPAG 31899 USA  
Edward Woods   HDC46/1997 1250cc XPAG USA  
Michael A. Dipierro   HDC46/2004 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2006 1250cc XPAG 31607 not running USA  
Wes Tyler   HDC46/2007 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
Robert Stokes (2)   HDC46/2011 1250cc XPAG USA    
  HDC46/2015 1250cc XPAG USA  
Allan Streicher   HDC46/2016 1250cc XPAG USA  
Donald J. Fifolt    HDB46/2029 1250cc XPAG 31854 11609 Grey USA  
Irv Stein   HDB46/2036 1250cc XPAG USA  
Alan J. Waring   HDB46/2040 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2050 1250cc XPAG 30664 ebay  
Carl Reichhardt   HDP46/2055 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE23/2072 1250cc XPAG 31344 Green AUS  
J Griffith   HDE23/2073 1250cc XPAG 31923 AUS  
  HDE43/2076 1250cc XPAG 32579 ebay  
  HDE43/2091 1250cc XPAG 31394 Grey USA  
William P. Burchell   HDC46/2101 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2102 1250cc XPAG ebay  
G Schrader     HDC26/2105 1250cc XPAG 31947 red AUS  
Robert R. Sidi    HDC36/2114 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2116 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Dennis W. McCaffrey    HDC46/2136 1250cc XPAG 31960 USA  
Jim Furlong   HDC46/2142 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC26/2158 1250cc XPAG 31993 DkRed AUS  
A Tiballs   HDC26/2159 1250cc XPAG 31978 Red AUS  
R McGhee   HDC26/2162 1250cc XPAG 32633 Red AUS  
  HDE46/2176 1250cc XPAG 32026 ebay  
James Gibson HDE43/2177 1250cc XPAG 32004 USA   231
1953…...September 17th through December 31st - numbers TF 0501 through TF 2177      
1954……January  4th  through December 30th - numbers  TF 2178 through TF 8643      
John & Judy Smith   HDE43/2189 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE43/2191 1250cc XPAG 32090 12697 Met Green USA  
Charles J. Searless   HDE43/2192 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert B. Seager   HDE43/2201 1250cc XPAG USA  
Mike Turturro    HDP46/2215 1250cc XPAG 32073 USA  
Barry Golden    HDA46/2245 1250cc XPAG USA  
Ian S. Grant    HDA46/2252 1250cc XPAG USA  
Ohlson   HDA46/2253 1250cc XPAG 32103 Red AUS  
  HDA36/2255 1250cc XPAG 31983 ebay Black USA  
  HDA46/2270 1250cc XPAG USA  
Warren Greaves    HDA46/2277 1250cc XPAG 32116 USA  
  HDA46/2280 1250cc XPAG 32015 ebay USA  
  HDC26/2296 1250cc XPAG 32144 ebay 11858 USA  
Byron Warwick   HDC46/2302 1250cc XPAG 32069 CAN  
  HDC46/2303 1250cc XPAG 32207 ebay USA    
Sherril M. Capps   HDC46/2312 1250cc XPAG USA  
Stanley J. Vlasak   HDC46/2316 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2320 1250cc XPAG USA  
Arthur Berndt    HDC46/2321 1250cc XPAG 31943 ebay 11842 USA  
  HDC46/2330 1250cc XPAG 30305 ebay  
David Paine (5)   HDC46/2348 1250cc XPAG USA  
H.W. Igleheart   HDB46/2360 1250cc XPAG  
  HDB46/2364 1250cc XPAG 31862 ebay 11449  
  HDB46/2365 1250cc XPAG 32049 yellow USA  
  HDB46/2367 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Charles e. Robinson   HDB46/2377 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB26/2384 1250CC XPAG 32223 AUS  
  HDB46/2389 1250cc XPAG  
Richard N. Hirsch    HDB46/2395 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP26/2405 1250cc XPAG 32202 AUS    
T. Patkin   HDP26/2406 1250cc XPAG 32218 Ivory AUS  
L. Pritchard   HDP26/2408 1250cc XPAG 32225 AUS  
John A Gunnell   HDP46/2415 1250cc XPAG yellow USA    
  HDP43/2416 1250cc XPAG ebay    
Raymond Rockholt   HDP46/2417 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/2419 1250cc  XPAG sold  B/J  21k 1-04 USA  
Ike A. Haber    HDP46/2423 1250cc XPAG USA  
Ron Davies    HDP46/2428 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/2440 1250cc XPAG 32164 ebay  
Craig Smith    HDP46/2444 1250cc XPAG USA  
Micheal Klyszeiko   HDP46/2445 1250cc XPAG USA  
Mel Woerz   HDP46/2450 1250cc XPAG basket case USA  
Jeffrey P. Parker   HDE33/2459 1250cc XPAG USA  
Joseph Rideau   HDE33/2459 1250cc XPAG ??????? USA  
Diane Rae     HDE23/2466 1250cc XPAG 32336 AUS  
Dewey W. Davis   HDB46/2515 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2520 1250cc XPAG 32314 ebay Red USA  
Merrill Almquist   HDC46/2559 1250cc XPAG 32404 Red USA  
Edward  Keller   HDC46/2564 1250cc XPAG USA  
Brian Martin   HDC46/2569 1250cc XPAG  
John Progess   HDC46/2575 1250cc XPAG 32352 restoration 12085 USA  
Gates T. Richards   HDC46/2576 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2578 1250cc XPAG 32313 ebay  
  HDA46/2594 1250cc XPAG  
  HDP43/2641 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Larry McFadden   HDP46/2658 1250cc XPAG White NZ  
J. Douglas Cottner   HDE43/2662 1250cc XPAG USA  
Larry V. Brown    HDE43/2689 1250cc XPAG 32531 Jan-54 12159 Green USA  
Alex M. Gray    HDE43/2702 1250cc XPAG USA  
Daniel A. Dumesic   HDE43/2705 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE43/2720 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2726 1250cc XPAG 32436 ebay  
Philip Schmidt   HDC16/2736 1250cc XPAG 32519 AUS  
Brian E. McNamee    HDC46/2743 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2751 1250cc XPAG  
John R. Hoag   HDC46/2755 1250cc XPAG  
Michael W. Brennan    HDC46/2761 1250cc XPAG USA  
Bruce E. Massoth   HDC46/2763 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2769 1250cc XPAG 32594 ebay  
Robert Atkinson   HDC46/2770 1250cc XPAG  
John W. Coleman    HDC46/2775 1250cc XPAG USA  
Larry L. McCartt    HDC46/2776 1250cc XPAG USA  
Des Duplex   HDA26/2796 1250cc XPAG 32631 AUS  
Terry Frisch   HDA46/2800 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/2810 1250cc XPAG USA  
David H. Eldred   HDA46/2815 1250cc  XPAG  
Ian Roberts   HDA16/2824 1250cc  XPAG 3268 1-26/7-54 11818 Black G.B.  
  HDB46/2865 1250cc XPAG 32732 ebay Silver USA  
Ms. Carol A. Hack   HDB46/2868 1250cc  XPAG  
Barry C. Wright    HDB46/2879 1250cc  XPAG USA  
Ray & Barbara Lee   HDB16/2884 1250cc XPAG Grey UK  
  HDA46/2895 1250cc XPAG 32695 ebay USA  
  HDA46/2896 1250cc XPAG 32679 ebay  
Charles L. Mcnail   HDA46/2905 1250cc XPAG USA  
Daryl Lamb   HDxxx/2913 1250cc XPAG CKD IRE  
D. Hobbs   HDA26/2918 1250cc XPAG 10876 Red AUS  
CR. Maurer   HDA46/2923 1466cc XPEG USA  
William R. Dew   HDC46/2935 1250cc XPAG USA  
David Wittmer    HDC46/2944 1250cc XPAG USA  
Morton R. Shaw   HDC46/2945 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2946 1250cc XPAG  
Johnna L. Thurston   HDC46/2951 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/2957 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Marcus Robbins     HDC46/2959 1250cc XPAG 32721 USA  
  HDC46/2962 1250cc XPAG 32786 ebay  
  HDC46/2972 1250cc XPAG 32640 ebay Red USA  
Smith   HDC26/2990 1250cc XPAG 32831 Green AUS  
C Williamson   HDE23/2999 1250cc XPAG 32871 green AUS  
Rodney Murray   HDE43/3006 1250cc XPAG 32855 USA/CAN  
William O Day    HDE43/3008 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert E. Lorentz   HDE43/3019 1250cc XPAG USA  
Martin E. Schorer   HDE14/3022 1250cc XPAG USA  
Thomas Gessler   HDE43/3024 1250cc XPAG  
  HDE43/3026 1250cc XPAG 32882 ebay USA  
Ken Gregory   HDE43/3028 1250cc XPAG  
Dr. Kieth Brown    HDP46/3032 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/3040 1250cc XPAG 32903 ebay  
  HDP46/3058 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Ken&Jan Feather   HDP46/3060 1250cc XPAG USA  
P. Walsh   HDP26/3066 1250cc XPAG 32946 red AUS  
R. Nixon   HDP26/3067 1250cc XPAG 32895 green AUS  
William H. Adler   HDB16/3096 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/3110 1250cc XPAG 32970 ebay 12611 USA  
Robert E. Eckstien   HDC36/3125 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3130 1250cc XPAG 32965 ebay USA  
  HDC46/3133 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/3140 1250cc XPAG 32995 Maroon USA  
William J. Pritchard   HDC46/3150 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3156 1250cc XPAG 33011 ebay USA  
Nora Beiber   HDC46/3159 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3174 1250cc XPAG 33018 ebay Red USA  
  HDC46/3177 1250cc XPAG  
Brian & Chris Gooding   HDC46/3179 1250cc XPAG  
Fred Pardini    HDE43/3195 1250cc XPAG 32985 12686 USA  
  HDE43/3208 1250cc XPAG ebay Black USA    
  HDE23/3212 1250cc XPAG 33126 black AUS    
C. T. Bingham   HDP46/3230 1250cc XPAG USA  
Pierre Moreau    HDP46/3235 1250cc XPAG USA  
Joseph G. Lamanna   HDP46/3247 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert N. Rousey   HDP36/3250 1250cc XPAG USA  
S. Murray   HDP26/3256 1250cc XPAG 33232 green AUS  
Harold R. Beamer    HDP46/3261 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Richard J. Mahoney   HDB46/3266 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/3269 1250cc XPAG 33069 ebay  
Raymond Malacarne   HDB46/3271 1250cc XPAG 33177 12795 Gray USA    
John Stame   HDB46/3277 1250cc XPAG USA  
Richard C. Kearley    HDB46/3283 1250cc XPAG USA  
Bernard C. Simmons   HDB16/3286 1250cc XPAG USA  
T. Harris   HDB26/3288 1250cc XPAG 33234 green AUS  
S. Dickson   HDB26/3289 1250cc XPAG AUS  
D. Hughes   HDB26/3290 1250cc XPAG 33225 Red AUS  
Ian Rear   HDA26/3291 1250cc XPAG AUS  
  HDC46/3295 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Kenneth S. Recu   HDA46/3297 1250cc XPAG USA  
John H. Young   HDA46/3302 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert J. Kavanagh   HDA46/3319 1250cc XPAG 33383 CAN  
Peter D. Coe   HDC46/3322 1250cc  XPAG  
Frank R. Glass   HDC46/3352 1250cc  XPAG  
Anders Hammarstrom    HDC46/3356 1250cc XPAG 33205 12883 Red SWE  
James Long * HDC46/3357 1250cc XPAG 33334 Volvo P1800 conv Green USA  
Ms. Betty Jean Gaw   HDC46/3359 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3364 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
Ronald Coates   HDC46/3367 1250cc XPAG 33501 12800 White USA  
Edward J. Martin   HDC46/3368 1250cc XPAG 33522 ebay USA  
  HDC46/3375 1250cc XPAG 33552 ebay red USA  
Douglass Barrett   HDC46/3380 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/3381 1250cc XPAG USA  
Holmes   HDC26/3385 1250cc XPAG 33537 Red AUS  
Thomas H. Lecklider   HDE43/3408 1250cc XPAG USA  
James G. Bogner   HDE43/3411 1250cc XPAG USA  
Harold A. Fell   HDE43/3418 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE23/3424 1250cc XPAG  
Graydon   HDE23/3426 1250cc XPAG 33107 Red AUS  
Lee Galatin   HDB46/3431 1250cc XPAG USA  
James J. Files   HDB46/3459 1250cc XPAG USA  
Richard C. Horn    HDP46/3464 1250cc XPAG 33527 ebay yellow USA  
Gary Zilkie    HDA46/3478 1250cc XPAG CAN  
  HDP26/3496 1250cc XPAG 33196 id tag Ebay parted out?  
Paul & Margaret Joachim   HDA46/3499 1250cc XPAG Red G.B.    
Paul  Slighte   HDA16/3518 1250cc XPAG CAN  
  HDA46/3527 1250cc XPAG 33158 ebay USA  
  HDC46/3542 1250cc XPAG 33132 ebay  
Tom Fuller   HDC46/3547 1250cc XPAG 33213 USA  
Ralph K. Hillquist   HDC46/3556 1250cc XPAG  
Dan R. Johnson   HDC46/3563 1250cc XPAG USA  
Charles Landgraf   HDC46/3568 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3569 1250cc XPAG 33334 13076 Ivory USA  
Caruso   HDC26/3584 1250cc XPAG 33674 Red AUS  
  HDB46/3601 1250cc XPAG 33660 USA  
Ms. Dianne B. Rouseau   HDP46/3619 1250cc XPAG 33421 USA  
G. Whittaker   HDP26/3623 1250cc XPAG 33448 cream AUS  
R. Woolcott   HDP26/3626 1250cc XPAG AUS  
  HDP46/3633 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/3637 1250cc XPAG 33810 ebay  
Dr. Tinsley Stewart   HDP46/3640 1250cc XPAG USA  
Richard Thompson    HDP46/3648 1250cc XPAG 33855 USA  
  HDP46/3650 1250cc XPAG 33837 ebay USA  
Robert  Miller   HDP46/3654 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Lee F. Thurner   HDA46/3661 1250cc XPAG 33870 Black USA  
Norman Campeau   HDA46/3683 1250cc XPAG Green USA  
William H. Rowker    HDE43/3697 1250cc XPAG G.B.  
John   HDE43/3698 1250cc XPAG 32780 USA  
Samuel R. Fulton    HDE43/3702 1250cc XPAG USA  
Paul W. Collins    HDE43/3707 1250cc XPAG USA  
Robert W. Cushman   HDE43/3708 1250cc XPAG USA  
James D. Jessen   HDE43/3710 1250cc XPAG USA  
R. Grantham   HDE23/3719 1250cc XPAG 33441 Red AUS  
R. Edwards   HDC26/3733 1250cc XPAG 33708 Fiji  
R. Jackson   HDC26/3736 1250cc XPAG 33710 Red AUS  
C. Small   HDC26/3737 1250cc XPAG 33416 Red AUS  
Robert A. Rossi   HDC46/3767 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3769 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Robert Lykins   HDC46/3773 1250cc XPAG 33968 ebay 13255 USA  
  HDC46/3780 1250cc XPAG 33725 Red USA  
Jack W. Warble   HDC46/3783 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/3786 1250cc XPAG USA  
Richard A. Brown   HDC46/3789 1250cc XPAG USA  
Alan Jones   HDC46/3794 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Andrew J. Wallach   HDC46/3806 1250cc XPAG USA  
John Winskill   HDE43/3809 1250cc XPAG 33254 add photo black USA  
Jim&Jan Rothwell   HDE43/3810 1250cc XPAG Green USA  
Daniel J. Bederka   HDE33/3813 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE13/3817 1250cc XPAG 33058 ebay 13359 USA  
K. Maurie   HDE23/3818 1250cc XPAG 32357 green AUS  
I. Jenkins   HDE23/3819 1250cc XPAG 35654 red AUS  
G. Oniel   HDE23/3820 1250cc XPAG 33190 green AUS  
  HDE43/3839 1250cc XPAG ebay White USA  
Rudy Molck-ude    HDP46/3842 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/3850 1250cc XPAG  
Kieth E. Murphy   HDP46/3878 1250cc XPAG USA  
Michael C. Matuska   HDA46/3883 1250cc XPAG USA  
Charles S. Wingfield   HDC46/3884 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/3890 1250cc XPAG Black USA  
Neil E. Nichols   HDA46/3904 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA36/3908 1250cc XPAG 33471 USA  
Joel   HDA26/3918 1250cc XPAG 33826 Red AUS  
P Karingas   HDA26/3921 1250cc XPAG 33459 black AUS  
P. Clark   HDA26/3925 1250cc XPAG 33928 Red AUS  
John Chaffee    HDC46/3929 1250cc XPAG 33755 USA  
David Paine (5)   HDA46/3930 1250cc XPAG USA  
Marilyn  Simpson   HDA43/3932 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Ulf Lindquist   HDC36/3945 1250cc XPAG SWE*  
Charles D. Steinecker   HDC46/3953 1250cc XPAG USA  
B. Cunningham   HDC16/3957 1250cc XPAG 33583 Green AUS  
S. Mc Callister   HDC26/3963 1250cc XPAG 1839 1500? Green AUS  
W. David Galloway    HDC36/3965 1250cc XPAG USA  
LaVerne Downey   HDC46/3973 1250cc XPAG 33613 Green USA  
  HDC46/3979 1250cc XPAG ebay  
James A. Mobley   HDC46/3984 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/3985 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
John Colvin   HDC46/3987 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/3992 1250cc XPAG 33607 ebay USA    
Durland J. Edwards   HDC46/3999 1250cc XPAG USA  
Esra  Martins   HDC26/4018 1250cc XPAG SoAfr  
N. Williamson   HDC26/4020 1250cc XPAG 34128 Red AUS  
R. McGrath   HDC26/4021 1250cc XPAG 34135 Green AUS  
M. Finnis   HDB26/4022 1250cc XPAG 34108 Green AUS  
G. Martin   HDB26/4023 1250cc XPAG 33091 Red AUS  
Bill Olson   HDB46/4035 1250cc XPAG Grey USA  
P. Propst   HDP46/4042 1250cc XPAG 32332 Green AUS  
B. Anthoness   HDP26/4051 1250cc XPAG 34042 Green AUS  
  HDP46/4052 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Ian Fry   HDP26/4056 1250cc XPAG 34023 blt3-16-54 13592 AUS  
John Wright    HDP36/4064 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/4068 1250cc XPAG 33768 ebay USA  
  HDC46/4071 1250cc XPAG 33773 ebay USA  
N. Barkham   HDA16/4086 1250cc XPAG 36083 Green AUS  
Malcom Appleton   HDA26/4087 1250cc  XPAG  
  HDA46/4090 1250cc XPAG 33761 USA  
J. W. Bunkly   HDA46/4091 1250cc XPAG USA  
Kenneth Dubanowich    HDA26/4093 1250cc XPAG AUS  
Harold Richards   HDA16/4098 1250cc XPAG USA  
John G. Nauman   HDA46/4102 1250cc XPAG USA  
Rob Dunsterville   HDA16/4114 1250cc XPAG 32918 13620 White AUS  
Colin Taylor    HDA26/4116 1250cc XPAG 34091 red AUS  
J. Rickersby   HDC26/4135 1250cc XPAG 35860 AUS  
  HDC46/4144 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Jerry Dillinger   HDC46/4145 1250cc XPAG 33783 Red USA  
Stuart Otteson   HDC36/4147 1250cc XPAG  
Ernest Fantozzi   HDC36/4159 1250cc XPAG USA  
I. Nuedorfer   HDC46/4166 1250cc XPAG 33939 Red AUS  
Charles Hughes   HDC46/4181 1250cc XPAG USA  
Harry Ware   HDC46/4189 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Steve & Abby Neal   HDC46/4196 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE43/4216 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE43/4225 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Sherwood Parker   HDP46/4234 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Don & Betsy Barry    HDP46/4239 1250cc XPAG USA  
R. Nielson   HDP26/4254 1250cc   XPAG 3600 1500? Red AUS  
B. Mansfield   HDP16/4257 1250cc XPAG 34213 Ivory AUS  
Austin C. Merrill   HDP26/4261 1250cc XPAG USA  
Terry Jacobs   HDA46/4265 1250cc XPAG 34200 13801 Black USA  
William T. Westcott   HDA46/4266 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/4270 1250cc XPAG 34206 ebay Black USA  
  HDA46/4278 1250cc XPAG no eng/trans ebay USA  
Mary Whitinger   HDA46/4295 1250cc XPAG 34070 White USA  
Robert M Williamson   HDA46/4299 1250cc XPAG USA  
McMeekan   HDA26/4304 1250cc XPAG 34205 Black AUS  
  HDA16/4309 1250cc XPAG 33924 photo Black USA  
Will Patterson   HDC46/4315 1250cc XPAG 34252 Green USA  
Stuart W. Colt   HDC46/4319 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/4330 1250cc XPAG 34246 e-bay sale White USA  
George Arslanian   HDC46/4340 1250cc XPAG USA  
Roderick W. Butlin   HDC46/4347 1250cc XPAG USA  
Roy Gillings    HDC46/4359 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Iole   HDC26/4361 1250cc XPAG 34328 Red AUS  
S. Foldhazy   HDC46/4362 1250cc XPAG 3423 1500? AUS  
Dr. Richard G. Drewer   HDC16/4371 1250cc XPAG  
Henry B. Reckord   HDC46/4381 1250cc XPAG GB/USA  
R. Naseby   HDE23/4388 1250cc XPAG 1500? AUS  
P. Veadon   HDE23/4392 1250cc XPAG 30915 AUS  
A. Jensen   HDE43/4413 1250cc XPAG 33809 AUS  
Bill & Annette Dweyer    HDE43/4422 1250cc XPAG Green USA  
  HDE43/4434 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE23/4454 1250cc XPAG 34598 blue AUS  
J Biggelarr   HDP26/4463 1250cc XPAG 34098 AUS  
G Wittaker   HDP26/4464 1250cc XPAG 34338 AUS  
B Raison   HDP26/4465 1250cc XPAG 10756 AUS  
  HDP36/4476 1250cc XPAG 33408 ebay  
J. Mathews   HDP46/4482 1250cc XPAG 3119 1500?  
Fred Schwarzmann   HDA36/4524 1250cc XPAG  
O. Larsen    HDA46/4525 1250cc XPAG 34351 USA  
David L. Michelfelder    HDA46/4535 1250cc XPAG USA  
John Noona   HDA46/4542 1250cc XPAG  
Don Harmer 2   HDA46/4543 1250cc XPAG 34411 Red USA  
Micheal F. Nemsor   HDA46/4547 1250cc XPAG USA  
P. Hillyer   HDA26/4556 1250cc XPAG 34444 AUS  
B. Flowers   HDA26/4557 1250cc XPAG 34443 AUS  
H. Whiting   HDA26/4558 1250cc XPAG 3444 1500? AUS  
  HDP43/4566 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Chris & Heather Bennett   HDC46/4571 1250cc XPAG 34400 Red AUS  
Antonio Pou     HDC46/4572 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC16/4578 1250cc XPAG 34614 Red P.R.  
  HDC26/4587 1250cc XPAG 34608 Red UK  
  HDC46/4591 1250cc XPAG 34633 ebay  
Gordon A. Clark   HDC46/4592 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/4595 1250cc XPAG 34646 ebay USA  
  HDC46/4597 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Gerald M. Monz    HDE33/4624 1250cc XPAG USA  
James Slyfield   HDE43/4633 1250cc XPAG CAN  
  HDE33/4648 1250cc XPAG 34717 ebay USA  
A. Warren    HDP46/4652 1250cc XPAG 34713 USA  
Robert Wilbur   HDC46/4656 1250cc XPAG USA  
Herman Buttron   HDP46/4657 1250cc XPAG  
Hans Goettsch   HDP46/4659 1250cc XPAG USA  
Phil Chartrand   HDP46/4662 1250cc XPAG  
  HDP26/4675 1250cc XPAG 34733 ebay  
Neale   HDP26/4677 1250cc XPAG 34761 Cream AUS  
  HDP46/4688 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Jeremy D. Baker    HDB46/4694 1250cc XPAG 34700 14215 USA  
Micheal Bachand   HDB36/4699 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB16/4702 1250cc XPAG 34735 USA  
  HDB26/4705 1250cc XPAG 34735  
V. Winspear   HDA26/4708 1250cc XPAG 34454 green AUS  
R. Garth   HDA26/4709 1250cc XPAG 35264 d blue AUS  
Lee   HDA26/4712 1250cc XPAG 33691 Red AUS  
Bennett   HDA26/4734 1250cc XPAG 34675 red AUS  
C. Bassingthwaite   HDA26/4735 1250cc XPAG 34729 black AUS  
E. Shepardson   HDA26/4740 1250cc XPAG 34953 green AUS  
W. Benton   HDA26/4744 1250cc XPAG 34448 red AUS  
D. Grierson   HDA26/4745 1250cc XPAG 34441 black AUS  
  HDA26/4746 1250cc XPAG 34447 green AUS  
G. Newbury   HDA26/4749 1250cc XPAG 34484 AUS  
Dick Meyers   HDC46/4752 1250cc XPAG AUS  
Frederick A. Bickus   HDC46/4756 1250cc XPAG 34468 USA  
M. Hayes   HDC26/4770 1250cc XPAG 34469 yellow AUS  
D. Littler   HDC26/4772 1250cc XPAG 34478 green AUS  
S. Stephens   HDC26/4774 1250cc XPAG 34457 red AUS  
A. Whiffen   HDC26/4775 1250cc XPAG 34455 ivory AUS  
  HDC26/4778 1250cc XPAG 34425 Red USA  
  HDC26/4781 1250cc XPAG 34543 red AUS  
John Tucker   HDC26/4782 1250cc XPAG 34546 black AUS  
  HDC26/4784 1250cc XPAG 9484? red AUS  
Goulopoulos   HDC26/4787 1250cc XPAG 34541 Red AUS  
  HDC46/4788 1250cc XPAG 34543 Red  
R Shearer   HDE23/4824 1250cc XPAG 34899 green AUS  
Titchener   HDE23/4825 1250cc XPAG 34932 Green AUS  
  HDE23/4828 1250cc XPAG 34938 green AUS  
K. Daw   HDE23/4831 1250cc XPAG 3562 1500? black AUS  
Hawksworth   HDE23/4842 1250cc XPAG 34899 Green AUS  
David W. Luengen*   HDE43/4845 1250cc XPAG USA  
Paul Wagner 1975   HDE43/4846 1250cc XPAG 34498 USA  
  HDP26/4852 1250cc XPAG 34508 green AUS  
Mark Celenza   HDP26/4853 1250cc XPAG 34505 AUS  
R. Vladich   HDP26/4855 1250cc XPAG 33399 AUS  
Dallas Megitt   HDP26/4856 1250cc XPAG 34623 IVORY USA  
  HDP16/4875 1250cc XPAG 34532 Cream SA  
  HDP13/4880 1250cc XPAG 36268 ebay  
Donald Walker   HDP26/4887 1250cc XPAG 34556 Ivory AUS  
John & Pat Baker   HDB46/4896 1250cc XPAG  
M. Henderson   HDB16/4901 1250cc XPAG 34589 red AUS  
Harper   HDA26/4905 1250cc XPAG 34571 Black AUS  
Roy Hamlyn   HDA46/4913 1250cc XPAG 34550 14419 USA  
Robert W. Harper   HDC16/4941 1250cc XPAG LtGrey GB/AUS  
  HDC46/4942 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Donald Gordon    HDC46/4943 1250cc XPAG CAN  
G. Sweetland   HDC26/4950 1250cc XPAG 12908 xpag 34844 red AUS  
J. Robinson   HDC26/4953 1250cc XPAG 33094 green AUS  
D. Nobbs   HDE13/4959 1250cc XPAG 33938 green AUS  
R. Martin   HDE23/4966 1250cc XPAG 34371 AUS  
Robert J. novander   HDE23/4969 1250cc XPAG CAN  
David Tinker   HDP16/4990 1250cc XPAG 34928 (bmc64952) G.B.  
L. Harvey   HDP26/4995 1250cc XPAG 34923 Ivory AUS  
H.Kauffmann   HDP24/4997 1250cc XPAG 34922 Ivory AUS  
D. Wilson   HDP26/4999 1250cc XPAG 18170 green AUS  
I Crook   HDP26/5000 1250cc XPAG 35564 red AUS  
D Tinker   HDC26/5004 1250cc XPAG 34941 red UK  
  HDB26/5006 1250cc XPAG 34931 Red AUS  
  HDB46/5014 1250cc XPAG 34858 ebay  special  
N. Presley   HDA26/5022 1250cc XPAG 2660 1500? green AUS  
Joy Schiable    HDA16/5025 1250cc XPAG 34994 USA  
Peter Thelander   HDC46/5047 1250cc XPAG USA  
Chad Consuergra    HDC46/5049 1250cc XPAG Red AUS  
Richard Yoder   HDC46/5050 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/5054 1250cc XPAG ebay  
L Brieschke   HDC26/5062 1250cc XPAG 34791 red AUS  
M. Hayes   HDC26/5064 1250cc XPAG 11632 AUS  
P. Ostry   HDC26/5067 1250cc XPAG 21709 AUS  
Benjamin F. Saxon   HDC16/5068 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE23/5078 1250cc XPAG RHD green USA  
Dick Weik   HDE43/5085 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDE33/5087 1250cc XPAG 34963 ebay USA  
I O'Dea   HDE23/5098 1250cc XPAG 35092 AUS  
M> Brown   HDB26/5100 1250cc XPAG 35087 AUS  
Marc J. Bourgault    HDB46/5108 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Richard Taylor   HDB46/5110 1250cc XPAG Engine replaced red USA  
Clifford Maurer   HDP46/5112 1250cc XPAG USA    
  HDP46/5114 1250cc XPAG yellow USA  
Dqniel Debqcker   HDP46/5125 1250cc XPAG 34061 Black Thai  
D. Crosby   HDP26/5126 1250cc XPAG 35063 USA  
Graeme&Wendy  Akhurst   HDP26/5127 1250cc XPAG 36363 Red AUS  
  HDA46/5133 1250cc XPAG Volvo Engine conv ebay USA  
M Smedley   HDA46/5135 1250cc XPAG 34811 USA  
Daniel T. Fucci   HDA46/5136 1250cc XPAG CAN  
W. Taylor   HDA26/5142 1250cc XPAG 35188 white AUS  
C. Dorahy   HDA26/5144 1250cc XPAG 35193 AUS  
P. Clarke   HDA26/5147 1250cc XPAG 35185 TAS  
Trevor Bowler   HDA16/5152 1250cc XPAG Red  
  HDP26/5154 1250cc XPAG ebay  
M. McDonald   HDA26/5155 1250cc XPAG 35217 Black AUS  
P. Mar   HDA26/5156 1250cc XPAG 35230 AUS  
G. Wheatley   HDA26/5163 1250cc XPAG 35243 Black AUS  
R. Grantham   HDA26/5164 1250cc XPAG 35241 black AUS  
Donald L. Nelson    HDA46/5167 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/5169 1250cc XPAG 35265 ebay Black USA    
Micheal B. Walsh (2)   HDA46/5170 1250cc XPAG 35252 Green USA  
T Wolfe-Milner   HDC26/5183 1250cc XPAG 34775 AUS  
  HDC26/5184 1250cc XPAG 35028 Red AUS    
K. Hutchinson   HDC26/5185 1250cc XPAG 35049 red AUS  
John L. Kimble   HDC16/5198 1250cc XPAG  
Y. Nakamura   HDC26/5199 1250cc XPAG 35102 red AUS  
Spencer Friedman   HDC36/5213 1250cc XPAG UK  
Don & Trudy Bauman   HDE23/5225 1250cc XPAG USA  
Danny Chinn   HDE13/5240 1250cc XPAG 35215 14752 UK  
Richard M. Schaeffer   HDE23/5241 1250cc XPAG USA  
Tom Norby   HDE43/5248 1250cc XPAG 35145 Green USA  
Vermeulen   HDP26/5264 1250cc XPAG 35227 Cream AUS  
D. Evans   HDP26/5265 1250cc XPAG 35240 red AUS  
  HDP46/5276 1250cc XPAG ebay  
  HDB46/5295 1250cc XPAG ebay  
H. Rannelle   HDB45/5310 1250cc XPAG 35363 USA  
George Rudzitis   HDB46/5312 1250cc XPAG  
  HDE23/5316 1250cc XPAG 35775 Green CAN  
B. Walsh   HDA26/5319 1250cc XPAG 2524 1500? AUS  
J. Pocock   HDA26/5320 1250cc XPAG 35317 black AUS  
  HDA26/5321 1250cc XPAG 35342 Black AUS  
  HDA26/5338 1250cc XPAG 34939 AUS  
  HDC46/5356 1250cc XPAG 35384 Maroon USA  
  HDA26/5370 1250cc XPAG 3538 AUS  
Jack & Claire Keery   HDC46/5380 1250cc XPAG AUS  
  HDC26/5382 1250cc XPAG 35387 blk AUS  
Campbell Crouch   HDC26/5391 1250cc XPAG 35163 5/6-10/54 14858 AUS  
David T. Mckay   HDC16/5395 1250cc XPAG USA  
Jim & Carolyn Coull    HDC16/5401 1250cc XPAG USA  
Reginald Newman II   HDC46/5414 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA26/5420 1250cc XPAG 35027 red AUS  
  HDC26/5421 1250cc XPAG 35198 red AUS  
Peter Daley    HDE23/5439 1250cc XPAG 35443 Ivory AUS    
  HDC26/5441 1250cc XPAG 35470 Red AUS  
David L. Shelburne    HDP46/5454 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/5460 1250cc XPAG ebay  
Kevin R. Wright    HDP16/5468 1250cc XPAG USA  
C. Camp Davis    HDA46/5482 1250cc XPAG USA  
Charles Gilles    HDC46/5492 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/5496 1250cc XPAG 53161 16009 RED USA  
  HDC46/5501 1250cc XPAG ebay  
  HDC26/5535 1250cc XPAG 35535 red AUS  
  HDC26/5537 1250cc XPAG 35533 red AUS  
David Paine (5)   HDC26/5540 1250cc XPAG  
Peter A. Starbuck   HDB46/5550 1250cc XPAG CAN  
Ken W. Collison   HDP46/5553 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP26/5578 1250cc XPAG 35542 ivory AUS  
  HDP26/5583 1250cc XPAG 35563 AUS  
Roland Sewards   HDA46/5586 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA26/5596 1250cc XPAG 8523 red AUS  
  HDA26/5600 1250cc XPAG 35428 green AUS  
  HDB26/5608 1250cc XPAG 35373 Ivory Aus  
Micheal Brown   HDC46/5634 1250cc XPAG 35360 16183 MG Red USA  
David Paine  (5)   HDC46/5640 1250cc XPAG Black AUS  
M.J. Shoer   HDC46/5643 1250cc XPAG 35635 Red USA  
Tim Rosner   HDC16/5652 1250cc XPAG White    
  HDC26/5663 1250cc XPAG 35293 Red AUS  
  HDC26/5665 1250cc XPAG 35292 AUS  
  HDC26/5667 1250cc XPAG 35636 ivory AUS  
  HDC26/5668 1250cc XPAG 35619 Red AUS  
  HDC26/5677 1250cc XPAG 35667 Red AUS  
Rob L. Grantham   HDP26/5700 1250cc XPAG 35520 Red AUS  
  HDA26/5706 1250cc XPAG Green AUS  
  HDP26/5722 1250cc XPAG 35724 ivory AUS  
  HDP26/5724 1250cc XPAG 35005 black AUS  
  HDP46/5733 1250cc XPAG 35007 ebay  
  HDE23/5746 1250cc XPAG 35794 ivory AUS  
  HDA26/5764 1250cc XPAG 36139 red AUS  
  HDA26/5786 1250cc XPAG 35787 green AUS  
  HDA26/5788 1250cc XPAG 50134 bronze AUS  
Harold M. Spielman   HDC46/5805 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/5808 1250cc XPAG 35828 ebay  
William A. Mayer   HDC46/5810 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC26/5816 1250cc XPAG 35860 Red AUS  
  HDC26/5842 1250cc XPAG 35442 Red AUS  
  HDC46/5854 1250cc XPAG 36453 ebay  
  HDE23/5859 1250cc XPAG 34068 ivory AUS  
  HDE23/5874 1250cc XPAG 35863 Green AUS  
  HDE23/5875 1250cc XPAG 11461 AUS  
John Lambie   HDE23/5877 1250cc XPAG 35857 Mt Green AUS  
Richard D. Alfano   HDP46/5881 1250cc XPAG 35887 ebay AUS  
Shore   HDA26/5901 1250cc XPAG 35913 Green AUS  
  HDP26/5909 1250cc XPAG 35881 Red AUS  
Robert B. Sieck   HDP36/5912 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB46/5913 1250cc XPAG USA  
Kieth Holdsworth   HDB46/5919 1250cc XPAG Red USA  
John James   HDB16/5924 1250cc XPAG 35576 Black UK    
Weygang   HDB26/5927 1250cc XPAG 35595 Brown AUS  
  HDC46/5947 1250cc XPAG ebay  
  HDC26/5966 1250cc XPAG 35646 red AUS  
  HDC26/5970 1250cc XPAG red AUS  
  HDC26/5971 1250cc XPAG 35793 DkRed AUS  
  HDC26/5972 1250cc XPAG 35773 DkRed AUS  
Charles E. Brown    HDC26/5973 1250cc XPAG 35994 DkRed USA  
Arthur T. Laver   HDA46/5978 1250cc XPAG  
B. Cook   HDA46/5979 1250cc XPAG 35679 Black CAN    
  HDA16/5983 1250cc XPAG basket case in boxes red AUS    
  HDE13/5997 1250cc XPAG 35294    
Gill   HDC23/6002 1250cc XPAG 35798 Yellow AUS  
Rough   HDE23/6007 1250cc XPAG 53987 Green AUS  
Ian McKenzie   HDA26/6016 1250cc XPAG 35754 Green AUS  
  HDC26/6046 1250cc XPAG 35877 DkRed AUS  
Bill Pickthorne   HDC46/6059 1250cc XPAG 36029 16564 CAN  
Edward M. Pelic   HDC46/6061 1250cc XPAG DkRed AUS  
Lana  Thompson   HDA46/6091 1250cc XPAG 34667 USA  
Tony Griffin   HDA26/6094 1250cc XPAG 35925 16653 Black AUS  
Jerry Hanley    HDA16/6096 1250cc XPAG USA  
J.J. Degraff   HDB36/6103 1250cc XPAG  
  HDB26/6106 1250cc XPAG 35044 green AUS  
  HDE23/6114 1250cc XPAG 36126 Green BEL  
  HDE23/6123 1250cc XPAG 36202 red AUS  
Charles P. Anderson   HDE33/6130 1250cc XPAG 35951 ebay USA  
  HDE33/6140 1250cc XPAG 35781 Green AUS  
Hawthorn   HDE23/6142 1250cc XPAG 36132 Green AUS  
  HDC26/6171 1250cc XPAG 35972 red AUS  
  HDC26/6205 1250cc XPAG 36059 AUS  
Kev Simonsen   HDE13/6228 1250cc XPAG 35996 BURG AUS  
  HDE23/6232 1250cc XPAG 35822 green AUS  
Peter E. Voorhees   HDE43/6235 1250cc XPAG 36124 Green USA  
  HDP26/6237 1250cc XPAG 36058 MG red NZ  
  HDE23/6243 1250cc XPAG 2258 red AUS  
  HDE23/6247 1250cc XPAG 36037 green AUS  
  HDP26/6250 1250cc XPAG 36042 AUS  
Ian Watson   HDP26/6252 1250cc XPAG 3604 Dk Blue UK  
John J. Pinto   HDP36/6254 1250cc XPAG Black AUS  
  HDC26/6274 1250cc XPAG 35400 Red AUS  
Blair Robson   HDC26/6275 1250cc XPAG 35874 MG Red NZ  
  HDC26/6277 1250cc XPAG 35062 White AUS  
  HDE23/6278 1250cc XPAG 35081 Green AUS  
Kevin Simonsen   HDC26/6288 1250cc XPAG 35996 Maroon AUS  
Karl Smith           HDC16/6290 1250cc XPAG UK  
Daniel Glow   HDA46/6312 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA46/6317 1250cc XPAG 36092 car broken up for parts 1983  
  HDA26/6336 1250cc XPAG 36246 white AUS  
Dr. Carl Meyer    HDA26/6338 1250cc XPAG 35397 Black USA  
  HDA26/6339 1250cc XPAG green AUS  
Douglas R. Flemming   HDP36/6351 1250cc XPAG  
Peter Falconer   HDC26/6367 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC26/6369 1250cc XPAG 36173 AUS    
  HDC26/6371 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC26/6385 1250cc XPAG 36153 DkRed AUS  
  HDC26/6386 1250cc XPAG 36147 Red AUS  
  HDC16/6388 1250cc XPAG 35397 Met/Grn AUS  
  HDC46/6391 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
  HDC46/6393 1250cc XPAG 36244 ebay Red USA  
  HDE23/6395 1250cc XPAG Green AUS  
  HDE33/6409 1250cc XPAG 36265 ebay USA  
  HDE43/6411 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
  HDC26/6414 1250cc XPAG 35664 green AUS  
Griffiths   HDE23/6418 1250cc XPAG 36163 Red AUS  
E. Lawrie  Rhoads   HDE13/6419 1250cc XPAG  
Jerry & Shirley Niemi   HDB46/6426 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDB26/6436 1250cc XPAG 36215 ivory AUS  
  HDB26/6438 1250cc XPAG 36248 Green AUS  
  HDP26/6446 1250cc XPAG  
Norton    HDA26/6464 1250cc XPAG 36298 Cream AUS  
  HDA16/6469 1250cc XPAG 35227 Cream AUS  
Terry & Carole Looft   HDA16/6471 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC46/6475 1250cc XPAG ebay 17027  
Rich F. St laurent   HDC46/6480 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/6484 1250cc XPAG  
Kevin Gaston   HDP46/6499 1250cc XPAG 36309 17122 Yellow USA  
  HDE43/6508 1466cc XPEG 556 Green USA  
Bradley Austin   HDE43/6511 1466cc XPEG  
Joseph A. Cody   HDE43/6515 1466cc XPEG  
J. W. Silviera   HDP46/6521 1466cc XPEG  
Francis Hines   HDP46/6524 1466cc XPEG  
J.M. Cooper   HDP46/6528 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/6529 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Jim Threadgill   HDC46/6540 1466cc XPEG 566 8/16/1954 USA  
Bill & Harriet Baird   HDC46/6552 1466cc XPEG 574 USA  
John Jancuski   HDE43/6577 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ben M. Prince   HDC46/6595 1466cc XPEG 625 RED USA  
  HDC46/6605 1466cc XPEG 640 ebay RED USA  
Lee & Alice Brubaker    HDE43/6612 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDE43/6614 1466cc XPEG 632 USA  
  HDE43/6615 1466cc XPEG USA  
Tom Imperoto   HDE43/6618 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ron D. Jenson   HDE43/6619 1466cc XPEG USA  
Rodney Paxton   HDA46/6642 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ted Kersh     HDA46/6642 1466cc XPEG SouAf  
    HDA46/6649 1466cc XPEG 690 ebay USA  
John D. Clapperton    HDP46/6655 1250cc XPAG USA  
Barbara A. Vaughn   HDP46/6659 1250cc XPAG 36318 ebay 16988 USA  
  HDA46/6661 1250cc XPAG 36323 17193 Black USA  
Thomas Booth   HDA46/6663 1250cc XPAG 36335 17203 Black USA  
Bob Paseniello   HDA46/6664 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDA26/6671 1250cc XPAG 36388 Red AUS  
  HDC46/6677 1250cc XPAG 36348 ebay  
Ronald Krodel   HDC46/6680 1250cc XPAG 36345 USA  
Colin Stafford    HDC46/6688 1250cc XPAG 36351 17240 Red USA  
Ms Joan Janowski   HDC46/6689 1250cc XPAG USA  
Dick & Connie Floray   HDC46/6691 1250cc XPAG USA  
Thomas B. Finn   HDC43/6710 1250cc XPAG USA  
John Fricano    HDE43/6711 1250cc XPAG 36394 USA  
  HDE23/6718 1250cc XPAG 36377 Red AUS  
Tony Voevodin   HDB26/6725 1250cc XPAG 36409 Grey AUS  
John  Hoey   HDB26/6726 1250cc XPAG 36408 17191 Grey AUS    
  HDB26/6728 1250cc XPAG 36411 Black AUS  
Brian Grace   HDB26/6730 1250cc XPAG 36426  
Duncan   HDP26/6735 1250cc XPAG 36170 Ivory AUS  
John Davies   HDP26/6736 1250cc XPAG 36374 Ivory AUS  
Robert F. Paul   HDE43/6747 1250cc XPAG USA  
Joel T. Barnett   HDP46/6749 1250cc XPAG USA  
Joseph Driscoll   HDA46/6751 1466cc XPEG USA  
Roger Morse   HDA46/6765 1466cc XPEG 696 Black USA  
William Wilson   HDA46/6772 1466cc XPEG USA  
John Mahone   HDA46/6773 1466cc Xpeg 703 Dk Red USA  
  HDA46/6774 1466cc XPEG 701 ebay USA  
David Paine  (5)   HDB46/6795 1466cc XPEG USA  
Rod MacLeod   HDB46/6798 1466cc XPEG 683 17407 MG Red USA  
Alex Braden Waugh   HDP46/6800 1466cc XPEG USA  
Philip J. Bortz   HDB46/6801 1466cc XPEG USA  
George K. Nielson   HDB46/6806 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robert O. Lange   HDP46/6807 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP46/6809 1466cc XPEG ebay  
Frank A. Prince   HDP46/6814 1466cc XPEG  
Jack E. Kahler   HDP46/6817 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robert L. Spahr   HDP46/6824 1466cc XPEG 726 USA  
Robert Stienert   HDE43/6830 1466cc XPEG USA  
Gary B. Kennedy   HDE43/6840 1466cc XPEG USA  
William A. Evans    HDE43/6842 1466cc XPEG USA  
Greg Van Hook    HDC46/6846 1466cc XPEG 797 17552 USA  
Steven S. Howitt   HDA46/6852 1250cc XPEG USA  
T.A.Sirp   HDA46/6860 1250cc XPAG 36430 Brown USA  
Mary Sue Mitchell   HDC46/6864 1250cc XPAG  
  HDC36/6872 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDP46/6875 1250cc XPAG 36417 3843 USA  
George F. Huckey   HDP46/6878 1250cc XPAG 36418 Green USA  
  HDA46/6885 1250cc XPAG ebay USA    
J.W. Joseph   HDC46/6899 1250cc XPAG  
John P. Gasienica   HDC46/6903 1250cc XPAG USA  
James T. Forthye   HDC46/6904 1250cc XPAG  
Christian Kampherbeek   HDC46/6905 1250cc XPAG 33395 Replaced Cream Neth  
  HDE43/6918 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
  HDE43/6920 1250cc XPAG USA  
James Wood IV   HDE43/6922 1250cc XPAG  
Allen Calcote   HDB46/6928 1250cc XPAG USA  
Richard Stolpe    HDP46/6939 1250cc XPAG USA  
  HDC46/6945 1250cc XPAG ebay USA  
Jesse Baker    HDC46/6955 1466cc XPEG 784 USA  
Robert Nash    HDC46/6960 1466cc XPEG 813 USA  
Henry D. Lesesne   HDC46/6970 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/6974 1466cc XPEG 816 ebay USA  
Ralph Stevens   HDC46/6980 1466cc XPEG 766 USA  
John A. Armstrong   HDC46/6988 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/7004 1466cc XPEG 837 ebay USA  
  HDA46/7008 1466cc XPEG 826 ebay  
Parker R. Broyla    * HDP46/7019 1466cc XPEG USA  
James Rice   HDP46/7022 1466cc XPEG 852 Cream USA  
Jeffrey A.  Lane   HDP46/7023 1466cc XPEG USA  
Bobb Lee   HDB46/7044 1466cc XPEG 882 UK  
  HDE43/7048 1466cc XPEG 832 ebay  
James R. Sapione   HDE43/7052 1466cc XPEG USA  
Peter C. Brickey    HDC46/7064 1466cc XPEG 900 Red USA  
Warren C. Kosters   HDC46/7070 1466cc XPEG USA  
Terry-Julie Kennaugh   HDB46/7078 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDB/46/7079 1466cc XPEG 923 Gray USA  
Peter Bunin   HDA46/7087 1466cc XPEG USA  
Prisila Romero   HDA46/7092 1466cc XPEG 933 USA  
Howard W. Hampton   HDA46/7099 1466cc XPEG  
Frank Wood    HDA46/7108 1466cc XPEG 953 USA  
Glenn Provost   HDC46/7112 1466cc XPEG 918  
Richard A. Medcraft   HDC46/7113 1466cc XPEG USA  
Tom Scannapieco   HDC46/7115 1466cc XPEG USA  
Douglas A. Richman   HDC46/7119 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/7124 1466cc XPEG 930 ebay USA  
  HDC46/7133 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
  HDP46/7139 1250cc XPAG 31511 ebay 11068  
  HDE43/7141 1466cc XPEG Volvo Engine conv   
Raymond LewiS   HDE43/7143 1466cc XPEG USA
William Abbott   HDP46/7147 1466cc XPEG Red USA  
  HDP46/7152 1466cc XPEG 983 ebay    
Jack Long   HDP46/7157 1466cc XPEG 993 17728 Grey USA  
Charles A. Otoole   HDA46/7167 1466cc XPEG USA  
Lee Parks   HDA46/7174 1466cc XPEG USA  
Mike McEniry   HDA46/7175 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/7185 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
  HDC46/7186 1466cc XPEG 1041 ebay USA  
  HDP46/7192 1466cc XPEG 1040 e-bay sale White USA  
  HDP46/7194 1466cc XPEG 1096 ebay 17242  
Ralph J. Catteneo    HDB46/7200 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDB46/7204 1466cc XPEG ebay  
Lonnie Cook   HDC46/7211 1466cc XPEG 977 Red USA  
  HDC46/7218 1466cc XPEG 1092 USA    
James Wolfe   HDC46/7220 1466cc XPEG USA  
James Carroll   HDC46/7227 1466cc XPEG 1072 Red USA  
  HDC46/7230 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/7231 1466cc XPEG 1027 ebay 17796 USA  
Carl A. Balling   HDA46/7244 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robert M. Weisbrod    HDA46/7245 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jack H. Casper    HDE46/7254 1466cc XPEG 1081 sold B/J  27k RED USA  
Cynthia B. Briggs    HDB46/7257 1466cc XPEG USA  
Vincent Mendes   HDB46/7263 1466cc XPEG USA  
Carl Floyd   HDC46/7271 1466cc XPEG 1060 dismantled xpag/td 2284 USA  
Micheal Gendreau   HDC46/7274  1466cc XPEG USA  
Everett Archibald   HDC46/7278 1466cc XPEG  
  HDC46/7291 1466cc XPEG 1110 ebay USA  
Herb F. Harling   HDC46/7298 1466cc XPEG 1128 USA  
Bruce M. Topol   HDE43/7301 1466cc XPEG e-bay sale green USA  
Tina Veronisi   HDE43/7302 1466cc XPEG USA  
William F. Murphy   HDE43/7308 1466cc XPEG  
Charlie Adams   HDE43/7309 1466cc XPEG 1144   Green USA  
Lionel R. Tremblay   HDB46/7316 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP46/7327 1466cc XPEG 1071 ebay  
Doug Meacham    HDP46/7328 1466cc XPEG 1169 USA  
George V. Schmitt   HDP46/7335 1466cc XPEG USA  
H. Clay Lowry   HDP46/7341 1466cc XPEG  
Dickson Werner   HDP46/7346 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/7349 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
James  Mink   HDA46/7375 1466cc XPEG USA  
Nigel Elms   HDC26/7379 1466cc XPEG 3214 AUS  
Joe Buchmiller   HDB46/7391 1466cc XPEG  
Paul&Joan Good   HDA46/7392 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/7393 1466cc XPEG 1241 ebay USA    
Tim Artz   HDA46/7395 1466cc XPEG USA  
Julien Gijbels   HDA46/7398 1466cc XPEG 1249 17973 brown Belgium  
Sam Ewing   HDA46/7401 1466cc XPEG 1191 17979 Black USA    
  HDE43/7408 1466cc XPEG bridge rally02 Red USA  
Donald C. Short   HDC46/7410 1466cc XPEG USA  
William Hops   HDC46/7411 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA26/7412 1466cc XPEG red AUS  
Barry Taylor   HDE43/7415 1466cc XPEG 1224 18020 USA  
Edgar D. Fox   HDE43/7421 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDE43/7422 1466cc XPEG Green USA  
Mark Milheim   HDE43/7423 1466cc XPEG USA  
David Sheward   HDC46/7427 1466cc XPEG 1212 18004 Yellow USA  
Macy Sherow   HDC46/7435 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/7441 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Michael Munson   HDP46/7452 1466cc XPEG 1287 18036 USA  
Douglas J Taylor   HDA46/7459 1466cc XPEG 1318 White UK  
  HDB46/7472 1466cc XPEG ebay  
David Clark   HDC46/7477 1466cc XPEG 1466 MG Red USA    
  HDA46/7503 1466cc XPEG 1301 Red    
William A. Fennelly   HDB46/7521 1466cc XPEG USA  
Dr. Jim Brundberg   HDB46/7553 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP46/7460 1466cc XPEG 1322 ebay  
Guy Scott   HDB46/7564 1466cc XPEG UK  
  HDB46/7576 1466cc XPEG Silver USA  
  HDB46/7577 1466cc XPEG 1506 ebay  
Ms. Virginia Severa   HDC46/7582 1466cc XPEG 1400 USA  
George E. Perotto   HDC46/7587 1466cc XPEG USA  
R. Jay Gift   HDA46/7605 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/7610 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/7613 1466cc XPEG 1471 Red USA  
David & Ellen Plumpe   HDA46/7616 1466cc XPEG  
Gene De Lange   HDA46/7625 1466cc XPEG USA  
George C. Jackson   HDA46/7629 1466cc XPEG USA  
Richard Treiber   HDC46/7635 1466cc XPEG Red  
Felix Frye   HDC46/7636 1466cc XPEG 1489 Dk Red USA  
L. Randal Woodman   HDC46/7640 1466cc XPEG 1453 USA  
James S. Bradley   HDC46/7642 1466cc XPEG  
William T. Bonds   HDC46/7647 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ernst Ettema   HDC46/7664 1466cc XPEG 1486 blt10-25-54 17989 Neth  
Daryl Becker   HDB46/7673 1466cc XPEG USA  
Cliff Tresidder   HDP46/7689 1466cc XPEG USA  
Joseph Winters   HDP46/7690 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robt A. Mendelsohj   HDA46/7699 1466cc XPEG 1511 USA
Charles E. Lovein   HDA46/7700 1466cc XPEG  
Anthony E. Nonn   HDA46/7704 1466cc XPEG  
Herb Lobdell   HDA46/7708 1466cc XPEG USA  
Dave Markowitz   HDC46/7715 1466cc XPEG USA  
Armin L. Schadt   HDC46/7727 1466cc XPEG 1565 18268 IVORY USA  
  HDC46/7729 1466cc XPEG 1529 ebay USA  
William Russel   HDC46/7741 1466cc XPEG USA  
Parker T. Fernald   HDE43/7747 1466cc XPEG USA    
Micheal Shouse   HDE43/7749 1466cc XPEG USA    
Frank B. Rivett   HDC46/7763  1466cc XPEG RS 5698 factory replacement USA    
Rush E. Elkins   HDP46/7766 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP46/7769 1466cc XPEG 1635 ebay  
Thomas H. Smith   HDP46/7772 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP46/7774 1466cc XPEG ebay USA    
Larry Miceli   HDP46/7778 1466cc XPEG Grey USA    
  HDP46/7780 1466cc XPEG ebay  
R W Jones   HDB46/7785 1466cc XPEG 1606 ebay 18345 GREY CAN  
Ms. Alvise Anti   HDP46/7787 1466cc XPEG  
Philip B. Fleck   HDB46/7791 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jon Gasper   HDA46/7801 1466cc XPEG    
  HDA46/7803 1466cc XPEG ebay USA    
Charles P. Urquhart    HDA46/7808 1466cc XPEG USA  
Karl Thorkildsen   HDA46/7812 1466cc XPEG Red USA  
  HDA46/7813 1466cc XPEG 1654 Ivory USA    
  HDA46/7814 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
  HDA46/7819 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/7823 1466cc XPEG MG Red USA  
Maxwell Kosanke   HDA46/7824 1466cc XPEG 1643 Green GER  
Donald P. Smith    HDC46/7832 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/7834 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Dan Frye    HDC46/7838 1466cc XPEG 1686 USA  
George Taylor   HDC46/7845 1466cc XPEG 1693 USA  
Bob Manske   HDC46/7848 1466cc XPEG 3754 USA  
  HDA46/7849 1466cc XPEG ebay Black USA  
Luay Abu-Ghazaleh   HDC46/7850 1466cc XPEG 1716 Red JOR  
  HDC46/7855 1466cc XPEG 1714  
  HDC46/7856 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Lyle F. York   HDC46/7857 1466cc XPEG USA  
Richard L. Richards   HDE43/7860 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
  HDP46/7868 1466cc XPEG 1704 ebay  
Roland Wieting   HDP46/7870 1466cc XPEG USA  
Steve Gee HDP46/7873 1466cc XPEG 1729 18401 Ivory CAN
Tom Moore HDP46/7874 1466cc XPEG 1744 18396 Red CAN
Robert Pl Whiite, Jr HDP46/7892 1466cc XPEG 1680 USA
Clayton R. James   HDP46/7893 1466cc XPEG 1684 Ivory USA  
Robert L. Gecsi   HDB46/7900 1466cc XPEG  
Chris Harrington   HDB46/7909 1466cc XPEG  
Lionel Ussery   HDC46/7918 1466cc XPEG USA  
Philip E. Carloni    HDC46/7923 1466cc XPEG  
  HDC46/7927 1466cc XPEG ebay Grey USA  
James C. Marsh   HDC46/7930 1466cc XPEG USA  
Conrad Ostrowski   HDC46/7933 1466cc XPEG 1770 USA  
Dan Nordstrom   HDA46/7946 1466cc XPEG 1749 USA  
  Edwyn Curtis    HDA46/7949 1466cc XPEG 1748 USA
Leslie W. Brown   HDA46/7950 1466cc XPEG USA  
James A. Pesta   HDA46/7951 1466cc XPEG USA  
David S. Feron    HDA46/7952 1466cc XPEG USA  
Danny R. Allen   HDP46/7959 1466cc XPEG USA  
Roger D. Porch    HDP46/7963 1466cc XPEG USA  
Dr. John P. Prusmack   HDP46/7972 1466cc XPEG USA  
John Mitchell   HDP46/7973 1666cc XPEG blt11-11-54 Black UK  
  HDE43/7981 1466cc XPEG Green USA  
  HDE43/7984 1466cc XPEG USA  
Luther & Joyce Carden   HDE43/7989 1466cc XPEG USA  
George Washburn Jr.   HDB46/7992 1250cc XPAG 18508 USA  
  HDE43/7993 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ms Judy Johnson   HDB46/8001 1466cc XPEG USA  
Donald J. Fifolt 3    HDA46/8011 1466cc XPEG 1793 16545 Black USA  
George E. Pardee (2)   HDA46/8012 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8014 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
P. J. Yaussy   HDC46/8020 1466cc XPEG  
James Elliot   HDC46/8021 1466cc XPEG 1884 blt11-16-54 RED USA  
Jeffrey Glenn   HDC46/8022 1466cc XPEG 1872 18562 MG RED USA  
Dr. Carl Meyer   HDC46/8041 1466cc XPEG USA  
John Roper (2)   HDC46/8041 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ken  Langford   HDC46/8044 1466cc XPEG ??????? USA  
  HDC46/8045 1466cc XPEG 1866 ebay Red USA  
Joe shaughnessy   HDC46/8052 1466cc XPEG USA  
Richard E. Mills    HDP43/8064 1466cc XPEG USA  
John E. Glagola   HDP43/8078 1466cc XPEG USA  
Bob Bluestein   HDP46/8082 1466cc XPEG 1939 18594 BRG USA  
Dr. Marc Ralston     HDB46/8092 1466cc XPEG USA  
A. R. McCallister   HDB46/8095 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8100 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Peter Pichler   HDA46/8102 1466cc XPEG 1919 CAN  
  HDA46/8107 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8108 1466cc XPEG 193 ebay 11633 USA  
Walt Crutchfield    HDA46/8114 1466cc XPEG USA  
John Wells Jr.   HDA46/8119 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8122 1466cc XPEG 1981 18749  
Robert Schimmel   HDA46/8123 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8124 1466cc XPEG 1974 ebay BLK USA  
Georg Rahm   HDC46/8138 1466cc XPEG RED GER  
Robert W. Schmidt   HDC46/8140 1466cc XPEG USA  
H. Rowland Pearsall   HDC46/8148 1466cc XPEG USA  
Donald C. Westphal    HDC46/8151 1466cc XPEG 2023 ebay USA  
Dick M. Roberts   HDC46/8156 1466cc XPEG USA  
Edward Gundrum   HDC46/8167 1466cc XPEG USA  
Kenneth Park     HDC46/8170 1466cc XPEG 2004 USA  
  HDE43/8194 1466cc XPEG ebay  
Colin Taylor   HDP46/8210 1466cc XPEG USA  
Steve Bell   HDP46/8213 1466cc XPEG AUS  
  HDB46/8219 1466cc XPEG  
  HDB46/8222 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ronald F. Dettling    HDB46/8234 1466cc XPEG Grey USA  
Kenneth R. Nimon   HDC46/8239 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/8252 1466cc XPEG USA  
David M. Kalp   HDC46/8260 1466cc XPEG 1978 ebay USA  
Mark Stolzenburg   HDC46/8263 1466cc XPEG 2110 Red USA  
Anne Milham    HDA46/8270 1466cc XPEG 2091 ebay Black USA  
Robin  Buerki   HDA46/8273 1466cc XPEG 2101 11570 White USA  
  HDA46/8274 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDA46/8281 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/8282 1466cc XPEG ebay USA    
Mike E. Ribi   HDA46/8293 1466cc XPEG USA  
Kevin Brown   HDP26/8299 1466cc XPEG USA  
Victor R. Marsh   HDP46/8300 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ralph h. Mitchell   HDE43/8315 1466cc XPEG CAN  
Donald & Donna Dorris   HDB46/8328 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/8329 1466cc XPEG 2272 ebay USA  
Stephen Webb   HDC16/8331 1466cc XPEG Red UK  
Steve M. Oshaughnesy   HDC46/8335 1466cc XPEG 2353 ebay 18847 UK  
Joseph H. Mock   HDC46/8337 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/8338 1466cc XPEG Rolled over insurance auction USA  
Paul Jennings   HDC46/8353 1466cc XPEG 654 blt 12-17-54 USA  
  HDA46/8384 1466cc XPEG 2278 ebay USA    
Thomas L. Stacy   HDP46/8391 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/8401 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDE43/8403 1466cc XPEG 2397 ebay USA  
Benjamin L. Bragg    HDE43/8405 1466cc XPEG  
Dr. Curtis Cook    HDC16/8425 1466cc XPEG USA  
David F. Raymond    HDC46/8449 1466cc XPEG USA  
Horst Korta   HDC46/8450 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/8454 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Thomas N. Pardee   HDC46/8455 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robert & Eve Barber   HDB46/8466 1466cc XPEG USA  
Kathleen A. Hadden    HDP46/8494 1466cc XPEG USA  
James C. Shawn   HDB46/8498 1466cc XPEG USA  
Bill De Cunea   HDP46/8504 1466cc XPEG  
  HDA46/8534 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8536 1466cc XPEG 2325 ebay USA  
Bob Cheatham    HDA46/8537 1466cc XPEG 2333 USA  
  HDC46/8539 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Richard Little   HDC46/8541 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jose F. Perez   HDC36/8549 1466cc XPEG 1181(TD) USA  
Dennis C. Evans   HDC46/8564 1466cc XPEG USA  
Barrie Jones   HDC16/8572 1466cc XPEG DK RED UK  
Don Carlson   HDA46/8593 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ralph Catteneo       HDA46/8596 1466cc XPEG 2400 USA  
Randy Ashcraft   HDB26/8608 1466cc XPEG P.R.  
Frank E. Clark   HDB46/8626 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jay Dyck   HDP46/8631 1466cc  XPEG 2447 Silver USA  
Bradford Beers     HDP46/8637 1466cc XPEG 2444 USA    
Truxton Southworth   HDP46/8639 1466cc XPEG USA  
1954…...January 4th through December 30th - numbers TF 2178 through TF 8643      
 1955…...January 4th through April 4th - numbers  TF 8644  through  TF 10100        
C. W. Wilhelmy    HDA46/8648 1466cc XPEG USA  
George A. Fenwick   HDA46/8652 1466cc XPEG USA  
Kieth Doherty   HDE13/8668 1466cc XPEG  
David L. Cates    HDE43/8678 1466cc XPEG Black USA  
Walter B. Shuyler    HDB16/8682 1466cc XPEG 2527 18929 USA  
Gary Herbold   HDB46/8686 1466cc XPEG 2522 blt4-1-55 USA  
Steven  Lowe   HDB46/8690 1466cc XPEG CAN  
Leonard Armstrong     HDP46/8705 1466cc XPEG 2584 USA  
John W. Fox   HDA46/8719 1466cc XPEG  
  HDA26/8724 1466cc XPEG 2521 Green Mt AUS  
  HDC46/8732 1466cc XPEG 2605 ebay USA  
  HDC46/8741 1466cc XPEG 2629 ebay USA  
V. J. Walt Dekar   HDC26/8745 1466cc XPEG USA  
Brian Kayhart   HDC46/8751 1466cc XPEG USA  
Wesely C. Fredericks   HDC46/8755 1466cc XPEG USA  
Kieth S. Reckling   HDC46/8755 1466cc XPEG USA  
David A. Sorenson    HDC46/8771 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA26/8777 1250cc XPAG 35292 DkRed AUS  
  HDA26/8778 1466cc XPEG 2541 Black AUS  
  HDA26/8784 1466cc XPEG 2484 Black AUS  
Arlene Cohen    HDP46/8789 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP16/8800 1466cc XPEG 2879 red AUS  
Dean Koehler   HDE43/8812 1466cc XPEG Gold USA  
Millington   HDE23/8820 1466cc XPEG 2563 Green Mt AUS  
  HDC26/8822 1466cc XPEG 2696 Red AUS  
  HDA46/8836 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDA46/8839 1466cc XPEG 2587 ebay USA  
  HDA46/8842 1466cc XPEG ebay  
Robert Jenkins     HDB46/8846 1466cc XPEG 2711 USA  
Walter G. Ashworth   HDB46/8852 1466cc XPEG USA  
Elwood L. Crawford   HDB46/8854 1466cc XPEG  
William Axness    HDC46/8858 1466cc XPEG  
  HDC26/8876 1466cc XPEG 2758 ivory AUS  
  HDC26/8878 1466cc XPEG 2644 red AUS  
  HDC26/8879 1466cc XPEG 35569/34328(PAG) red AUS  
  HDC26/8888 1466cc XPEG 2864 red AUS  
Harry Marks   HDC26/8893 1466cc XPEG 2686 Red AUS  
Simon & Zina Lowther   HDC26/8895 1466cc XPEG  
  HDA16/8909 1466cc XPEG 2612 ebay USA  
Richard T. Walsh   HDE43/8926 1466cc XPEG 2808 USA  
Harry Brownlee   HDP46/8946 1466cc XPEG NZ  
John Chester Freeman   HDP26/8958 1466cc XPEG 2280 Ivory AUS  
Steve Lane   HDP26/8961 1466cc XPEG USA  
Don Harmer 2   HDA46/8986 1466cc XPEG 2899 1-4/8-55 19536 Black USA  
Edward C. Picard   HDA46/8989 1466cc XPEG USA  
Lewis C. Penna   HDA46/8995 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDA46/8998 1466cc XPEG MGB engine ebay USA  
  HDA26/9000 1466cc XPEG 2642 black AUS  
  HDA26/9001 1466cc XPEG 2821 Red AUS  
Dr. Joe Stark   HDC46/9020 1466cc XPEG USA  
Gerald A. Wunsch    HDC46/9021 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/9025 1466cc XPEG e-bay sale Red  
Thomas Carolan    HDC36/9026 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jeffrey F. Rose    HDC46/9051 1466cc XPEG USA  
Kenneth R. Frederick    HDC46/9052 1466cc XPEG USA  
Douglas H. McCord    HDC46/9053 1466cc XPEG USA  
Marcus Robbins   HDC46/9054 1466cc XPEG 2985 USA  
John Hirst     HDC46/9055 1466cc XPEG 12968 USA  
  HDA46/9071 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDB46/9080 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDB26/9096 1466cc XPEG 2967 red AUS  
Matthew  Magilton   HDB26/9097 1466cc XPEG 2983 Grey AUS  
Stan Shepard     HDB26/9099 1466cc XPEG 2992 AUS  
  HDB26/9110 1466cc XPEG 2930 ivory AUS  
  HDB26/9111 1466cc XPEG 2933 red AUS  
Phylis A. Sweeney    HDB46/9116 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robert Lynex    HDP16/9137 1466cc  XPEG 3027 1/31/1955 19833 Ivory G.B.  
Carlysle H. Merritt   HDE43/9146 1466cc XPEG USA  
John Hockley   HDE13/9154 1466cc XPEG Green UK?  
Rodger A. Errington    HDC26/9167 1466cc XPEG NZ  
Ernie Martin    HDC26/9169 1466cc XPEG NZ  
R. Grantham   HDC26/9177 1466cc XPEG AUS    
  HDC26/9178 1466cc XPEG 3049 DkRed AUS  
  HDC26/9181 1466cc XPEG 1344 Yellow AUS  
Dale Jensen   HDC46/9182 1466cc XPEG  
Ian Massey   HDC46/9194 1466cc XPEG 3003 Green USA  
  HDA46/9199 1466cc XPEG e-bay sale White USA  
James A. Suter   HDC46/9200 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC16/9205 1466cc XPEG 3059 ebay USA  
Mike Benton   HDC16/9207 1466cc XPEG RHD Red UK  
Rich  wordes   HDC16/9210 1466cc XPEG USA  
J Bruce McQuaid   HDA16/9213 1466cc XPEG 3094 USA  
Gary L Rombough   HDA16/9222 1466cc XPEG 3104 Black CAN  
Micheal b. walsh (2)   HDA16/9224 1466cc XPEG 3062 red USA  
John T. Seim    HDA26/9227 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jan Tweten   HDA46/9235 1466cc XPEG USA  
Edward L. Grund    HDA46/9243 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP26/9269 1466cc XPEG 3160 Ivory AUS  
Gerald C. Risner   HDA46/9280 1466cc XPEG USA  
John Griffen   HDA26/9296 1466cc XPEG 3184 19718 Black AUS  
Philip Laiacona   HDB46/9317 1466cc XPEG  USA  
Howard Tidwell   HDE43/9345 1466cc XPEG USA  
Lynne Lefevre   HDE23/9358 1466cc XPEG 3212 ebay  
  HDC46/9373 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Dan Brooks   HDC46/9374 1466cc XPEG USA  
Dean   HDC26/9379 1466cc XPEG 3214 Red AUS  
  HDC26/9380 1466cc XPEG 3175 red AUS  
  HDC26/9382 1466cc XPEG red AUS  
  HDC46/9393 1466cc XPEG ebay 19896 USA  
  HDC26/9406 1466cc XPEG 2905 red AUS  
  HDC26/9407 1466cc XPEG 3240 red AUS  
Micheal Ash   HDA26/9412 1466cc XPEG USA  
Charles B. Romero (2)   HDA46/9426 1466cc XPEG 3428 USA  
Mitchel Rasansky   HDP46/9432 1466cc XPEG 2902 USA  
Windom L. Estes    HDP36/9435 1466cc XPEG USA  
Gianni Lazzarini   HDP36/9437 1466cc XPEG 2891 19962 White ITALY  
Gerard Chapdelaine   HDP46/9440 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robertson   HDP26/9458 1466cc XPEG 3258 1/17/1955 Ivory AUS  
  HDP26/9461 1466cc XPEG 3257 Ivory AUS  
Stott   HDA26/9463 1466cc XPEG 3255 BLACK AUS  
John Walker   HDB46/9467 1466cc XPEG CAN  
Embling   HDB26/9476 1466cc XPEG 3284 Red AUS  
George Mills   HDB26/9478 1466cc XPEG 3347 20183 AUS  
Terry   HDB26/9482 1466cc XPEG 3339 LtGrey AUS  
  HDB26/9483 1466cc XPEG 3351 under restoration blue AUS  
Dr. Carl Meyer    HDA46/9484 1466cc XPEG USA  
Porter Ross Parris   HDA46/9485 1466cc XPEG USA  
Mike Hayes     HDA46/9487 1466cc XPEG 3285 USA  
Charles E. Smith    HDA46/9489 1466cc XPEG USA  
Jack Wayne Butler   HDA46/9490 1466cc XPEG  
Wayne T. Pierce   HDA46/9492 1466cc XPEG 3268 USA  
James W. Kelliher   HDA46/9493 1466cc XPEG USA  
P G Gilvarry   HDC26/9503 1466cc XPEG 3345 Red USA  
Lee M. Cutler   HDA36/9510 1466cc XPEG USA  
Rich Gregory    HDC46/9511 1466cc XPEG 3299 USA  
  HDC46/9532 1466cc XPEG 3353 ebay USA  
Robert Eshleman   HDC46/9534 1466cc XPEG USA  
Daniel Beugin    HDC36/9550 1466cc XPEG USA  
Ken Kiskinen  1972   HDC46/9555 1466cc XPEG 3820 USA  
Frank M. Waterman    HDC46/9557 1466cc XPEG USA  
Donald E. Johnson   HDC46/9566 1466cc XPEG CAN  
  HDE43/9578 1466cc XPEG 3287 ebay  
  HDE23/9580 1466cc XPEG 3367 green AUS  
  HDE13/9586 1466cc XPEG 3922 ebay USA  
  HDA26/9594 1466cc XPEG 3396 red AUS  
  HDB26/9606 1466cc XPEG 3439 red AUS  
Robert  Yeager   HDB36/9607 1466cc XPEG USA  
Hart   HDB26/9608 1466cc XPEG 3435 grey AUS  
Tom Schmitz   HDB26/9609 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDB26/9610 1466cc XPEG USA  
Robert Brown   HDC46/9617 1466cc XPEG 3429 Red USA  
  HDC46/9618 1466cc XPEG USA  
Makoto Yamada   HDC26/9620 1466cc XPEG Green JAPAN  
Tim Moylan   HDC26/9622 1466cc XPEG 3484 Red USA  
Robt. K Jeffers   HDE43/9637 1466cc XPEG 3427 LtBlue USA  
  HDE23/9641 1466cc XPEG 3243 grey AUS  
Meridith   HDP26/9645 1466cc XPEG 3522 White AUS  
  HDP46/9650 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDP26/9669 1466cc XPEG 3160 ivory AUS  
  HDP26/9677 1466cc XPEG 3531 green AUS  
Alex Jakimenko   HDA46/9682 1466cc XPEG USA  
Malcolm A. Bell   HDC26/9701 1466cc XPEG 3552 Red AUS  
  HDP46/9722 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDB46/9729 1466cc XPEG 3562 ebay  
Kevin Askew   HDB46/9732 1466cc XPEG  
Rex Richardson   HDB46/9732 1466cc XPEG USA  
Troup   HDE23/9733 1466cc XPEG 3450 White AUS  
Jones   HDE23/9734 1466cc XPEG 3454 Red AUS  
Jim Jordan   HDE23/9738 1466cc XPEG 3546 red AUS  
  HDA26/9754 1466cc XPEG ivory AUS  
  HDP26/9768 1466cc XPEG 3577 ivory AUS  
  HDP26/9774 1466cc XPEG 3590 Red AUS  
Robert F. Ingham    HDP26/9777 1466cc XPEG AUS  
  HDP26/9782 1466cc XPEG 3635 Ivory AUS  
Marshall Trowbridge   HDxxx/9783 1466cc XPEG CKD  
  HDB26/9791 1466cc XPEG 3625 Blue AUS  
Steven Brown D.D.S.   HDB46/9807 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDB26/9808 1466cc XPEG 3683 ivory AUS  
  HDA46/9812 1466cc XPEG ebay  
C. Tyler Irwin   HDA46/9815 1466cc XPEG 3610 Black USA  
Tony Summers   HDA46/9823 1466cc XPEG 3618 blt3-10-55 UK  
Carrol K. Davis   HDA46/9832 1466cc XPEG USA  
Shane Bowden   HDA26/9834 1466cc XPEG 3603 20453 Green AUS  
Ken Dubanowich    HDA26/9835 1466cc XPEG USA  
Clayton Neilson   HDA26/9837 1466cc XPEG 3600 Red AUS  
  HDC26/9850 1466cc XPEG 3654 red AUS  
  HDC26/9851 1466cc XPEG 3868 ivory AUS  
  HDC26/9856 1466cc XPEG 3628 AUS  
Chester C. Freeman   HDC46/9868 1466cc XPEG USA  
Arthur Mafli    HDC46/9870 1466cc XPEG Green USA  
British Sports Cars   HDC46/9880 1466cc XPEG 3722 Red USA    
William J. Crerar   HDC46/9881 1466cc XPEG 3721 USA  
  HDC46/9888 1466cc XPEG 2909 red AUS  
Mark J. Rossel   HDC46/9889 1466cc XPEG  
Border   HDB26/9905 1466cc XPEG 3712 Cream AUS  
  HDB26/9906 1466cc XPEG 3705  
J. O Neal     HDB36/9907 1466cc XPEG 3710 USA  
Alexander Svincov    HDE23/9916 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP46/9925 1466cc XPEG ebay  
  HDP46/9926 1466cc XPEG 3798 Green USA  
Learmont   HDP26/9927 1466cc XPEG 3799 Red AUS  
  HDP46/9942 1466cc XPEG 3775 White USA  
  HDA43/9943 1466cc XPEG 3777 ebay  
  HDE23/9948 1466cc XPEG 2745 Green AUS  
Bugg   HDC26/9949 1466cc XPEG 3822 ******* Red AUS  
  HDB26/9981 1466cc XPEG 3841 ivory AUS  
  HDP46/9996 1466cc XPEG 3834 ebay  
Robert D. Mason   HDP26/10006 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDP26/10014 1466cc XPEG 3932 blue AUS  
David Wardell   HDA16/10027 1466cc XPEG 3934 RHD Black UK  
Mark Barrington   HDA26/10030 1466cc XPEG 3888 20643 Red USA  
Frizzell   HDA26/10032 1466cc XPEG 3807 Red AUS  
  HDC26/10040 1466cc XPEG 3883 Blue AUS  
  HDC26/10045 1466cc XPEG 3833 DkRed AUS  
  HDC26/10051 1466cc XPEG 3864 DkRed AUS  
  HDC46/10054 1466cc XPEG ebay USA  
Brad Rivera   HDC46/10064 1466cc XPEG USA  
  HDC46/10069 1466cc XPEG 3817 ebay USA  
  HDE23/10091 1466cc XPEG 3924 red AUS  
Frizzell   HDE23/10095 1250cc XPAG 35754 Green AUS  
  HDE23/10098 1466cc XPEG 3894 grey AUS  
Marian A. Denny   HDxxx/10481 1450cc XPEG USA   207
 1955…...January 4th through April 4th - numbers  TF 8644  through  TF 10100        
  1398 XPAG 877    
  XPEG 521       
Black   a 290    
Light Grey   b 166    
Dark Red   c 505    
Mid Green   e 208    
Ivory   p 226    
CKD   x 3