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TF Anti Sway Bar System by John James

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Here's John's description of his installation:

I fitted the ARB to my TF in the spring of last year. All the parts  except for the link arms were obtained from a local MGB/Midget  breaker/restorer for a few pounds. (Left and right front arms with  holes for link fixings and L & R spring pans ditto). The sway bar is  the thicker 3/4" diameter version of the standard 9/16" MGB bar. The  link arms are a shortened (7 3/8" long) version of the MGB links from  Brown & Ganmmons. The fixing brackets and rubbers are pure MGB. The  most awkward job is moving the wind horns  rearward about an inch to  accommodate the bar and brackets. The rear fixing hole becomes the  front and another will have to be drilled in the front chassis  extensions to take the second bolt. The car now handles much better,  taking sharp corners in a level attitude and the steering is less  affected by road undulations.