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TD Heater Plumbing from Gordon Lawson
[In case you're unaware of Gordon Lawson's talents and creations, you're missing out on pure artistry.  One of these days I'll try to get Gordon to let me put together a substantial page showcasing his wares.  Among other items, he takes old, worn out T-car steering wheels and turns them into works of art with gorgeous wooden rims.  When he mentioned that he had taken on the task of plumbing-in the heater of his TD there were immediate requests for seeing how he did it.  Gordon has agreed to grace these pages with a series of texted images showing how he did it.  Thanks, Gordon]   Bud
The images speak for themselves quite well.  If you have any questions for Gordon you can reach him at gblawson (at) vaxxine (dot) com, or click here.


(508) 746-6735
Created 9/15/2010