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The Southeasterm MG T Register
mgTalk Vol. 25, No. 12, DEC. 1999


A solution to that pesky SU fuel pump problem.

by Stuart Locke
From OCTAGON TOPICS, Vol.29, No.11, Nov. 24, 1999

Would you like peace of mind, free from anxiety, when you take your MG touring? Sure I carry a spare SUfuel pump. Even the after market fuel pumps can fail at the most inopportune time and place.Who wants to change or work on the fuel pump on a busy freeway in the blazing sun, while your wife (to put itmildly) is uneasy, standing there waving the eighteen wheelers around you.
Just insert one end of this trusty $12.00 fuel pump in your gas tank opening, two pumps and away you go. Nodelays, no danger, you are a winner in the eyes of your wife.
Materials needed: Rubber stopper with a hole in the center. Check the yellow pages of your phone book forLaboratory Equipment and supplies. Buy a #9 stopper. It is the right size and comes with a small hole in thecenter. Cost under two dollars. Blood pressure bulb-pump from your pharmacy. It comes with a one way valveinside it. The one I bought was $7.95, made by Marshall, model 21-125. Piece of copper tubing 1/4" OD at yourlocal hardware store about 1 1/4" long. Seven foot length of drip irrigation tubing 1/4" OD.


    I. Push one end of the copper tubing into the rubber stopper hole.
    2. Dip one end of the hose in boiling water or heat it with a hair dryer. Now force it over the copper tube.
    3. The blood pressure pump fits perfectly over the other end of the hose.

To see it work: Disconnect your fuel pump wire and try it in your T series MG. Couple of pumps every 10-15 minutes and you can drive forever. If your gas tank is 1/2 full, pump less often. If your tank is full, pump moreoften. You only want 2 1/2 to 3 pounds pressure. More could cause flooding or the carbs to overflow.
This is not a new idea for fuel delivery. Chris Nowlan, of Moss Motors, tells me the K type MG works on thesame idea. My TC friend, Bill Phy tells me others work on this principal. Such as 1930-32 Cadillacs, 1928 willsSte. Claire. Also all early race cars used an air pump. Bill says he would pump it up to 3 pounds and take off.

Bill Phy also tells me back in 1948 he and a friend drove from Lake Elsinore to Temple City, CA. taking turnshanging over the bed of his 1933 model C Ford pick-up. They had stuck a piece of wiper hose in the gas tankopening, wrapped with a rag to seal around it. Every time the engine would start to sputter one of them would blowin the hose and then kink it.

A Human Pneumatic fuel pump!

Don Klein of the NAMGAR modified on the rag and hose trick by using a rubber stopper and hose. (betterseal)

I took it one step further and added the blood pressure pump that incorporates a one way valve, so I would not
be breathing gas fumes. You could adda small pressure gauge.

It is dependable. It’s reliable. It’ s fun.

Safety Fast!


See EmergencyPumpII for more ideas

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