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TD MKII Intake Images from Ian Bowers

The images below have been supplied by Ian Bowers and are in thumbnail form.  Here is some of Ian's text about the system and images: The text has has been 'borrowed' from the UKMGBBS

As promised earlier here are the photos (I suspect in random order, sorry!) taken at the w/e of the air cleaner in situ, and of the constituent parts.

I believe this is the original part which came with the car made in July 1953. Interestingly the inside of the top cover still shows the steel plant branding as 'Ebbw Vale' and what appears to be a date in 1953.

Three interesting observations are;

a) the restriction to the intake from the crankcase breather

b) that the exit hole in the intake manifold is 35mm (ie 1.38 in) not the 1.5in which I expected. The gaskets are also of this size, but I failed to check the size of the intake to the carbs. Scope for some improvement here!

c) the level mark on the oil canister uses the V of level to indicate the filling point, which is about .25in onto the wide section.

The scale rule shown is 6in.

If anyone has any detailed questions, or wants an unprocessed copy of an image please do contact me direct. Equally if any 'errors are spotted please advise.


Some more text from Ian:

A few more notes:

a) presumably the exit from the carbs is 1.5in, and the slightly narrow entry (1,34in) provides the Venturi effect.

b) note on the photos that there is a substantial bend to the radiator support rod to miss the air cleaner

c) I cleaned many decades of oil and dirt from the MG logo on the air cleaner with the British Standard toothbrush, there was no sign of any painting (in line with earlier comments)

This page has been put together in a hurry to get the images available.  I'll try to fix it up later --Bud