TF Anti Sway Bar System by John Progess

This is the system designed, and installed, by John Progess:

I started out by using a MGB 9/16" diameter swaybar. I shortened the endlinks to 4 3/8" overall as recommended in a posting on the BBS. I welded a 1/4" reinforcement plate in the spring pan arm as shown in photo swaybar1. I duplicated the pattern for this plate that I have on my MGA swaybar. The reinforcement plate is the shape of a trapezoid although I don't think the shape is important. I fabricated a strap of 1/8" thick  and 3/4" wide steel to support the stock rubber mounting blocks. I used 1/4" diameter bolts to mount the swaybar to the dumb irons as shown in swaybar9. The strap is longer on the rear end because I used the existing rear hole in the dumb irons that used to support the horns and  I drilled  a new forward hole as shown. I had to mount the horns upside down as compared to the stock mountings. I modified the existing horn mounting /reinforcing plate that supports the horns and is bolted to the dumb irons as shown in photos swaybar10 and 11. This reinforcing plate adds to the dumb irons to support the weight of the horns. Swaybar photos 4,5 and 12 show how this plate mounts to the dumb irons. Swaybar8 shows how tight the horns fit to the swaybar. Swaybar3 photo shows the finished mounting of the horns. It is a tight mounting but works fine. A friend of mine has a stock TF  and he drove mine and commented on how much tighter the handling is than his. I don't think you can buy 9/16" diameter bars anymore and I think a 5/8" diameter bar might even be better anyway.