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Badge Bar Wanted


Look at the image of Lazarus on the home page.  The Doretti Badge Bar is installed.

Lazarus gave every indication that the sheetmetal was very likely that which the factory assembled back in early October of 1951.  There was evidence of a few dings here and there, but the front fenders (wings) look to be original.  However, there are a pair of matching holes in each fender that have had me puzzled  from day one, i.e., 1988.  I just discovered that the answer has been right in front of my eyes since 1988, if I'd only looked.  Below is an image of the holes in the lower inside curve of the left front fender.  A matching set is on the right fender:       (click to expand the image)
Bar holes

The answer to the mystery was right there all the time in an old Runyan, Inc. ad that has been reprinted in the NEMGTR T Type Restoration Handbook (page 143), shown here:  
Runyan                     Here's a blow up of the front of the car:


Guess that solves the mystery.  Now the big question is, "Where can I find one"?  I'd really appreciate any leads toward finding a Doretti Badge Bar to fill up those holes.  Thanks, Bud.

Created 8/27/03