MG Parts from Bob Grunau

MG T and MMM  PARTS AND SERVICES:                                         January, 2020


-TA/TC front steering knuckle stub axle inserts with ¾”-16 tpi thread $60.00  each side. Also fits MMM J/L//N/P/ etc- Use MG TD/TF/MGA stub axle nuts not supplied. Or Add $10.00 ea for nuts, L and R.

-TA/TC Stub axles repaired on exchange, installed in your steering knuckles @ $200.00  each side. Insert threads are ¾”-16 tpi. Use nuts from MG TD/TF/MGA or I supply nuts..

Also MMM cars,J2,/L/N/P, etc

-TA/TC Tompkins steering box cover adapter kit= $200.00

-TB/TC/early TD/Y oil filter adapter for modern spin-on-$150.00

-Late TD/TF oil filter adapter for modern spin-on filter =$75.00

-J2, F, M etc oil filter adapter for modern spin-on filter= $150.00

-TA/TC tapered rear axles with key and nut ( you taper bore your hubs ) $180.00  each.

     Also available for MMM cars, J,L, P, N,  $180.00. 

-TA/TC new rear hubs taper bored and keyed for the above axles -$180.00 each.

      Also available for MMM Cars, J,L,P, N  $180.00 Each

-TA/TC new front hubs, also fits MMM J/L/N/P etc,  -$160.00  each.

-New TD/TF new rear wire wheel hubs   =$160.00 each.

-New TD/TF new front wire wheel hubs = $160.00 each.

-TA/TC new rear wheel bearing securing 2" hex nuts with lip seals and keeper washers-

       $90.00 the set. Also for MMM cars, J2, L, PA, N etc. .

-TA/TC Alfin brake drums- $1400.00 set of four.

-New TD/TF Alfin brake drums=$1200.00 set of four.

-TA/TC new high ratio crown wheel and pinion gear set, 4.625 ratio $750.00.

-New MMM-J/L/N/P/  4.875 ( 8/39 ) and 5.125 ( 8/41 ) new CWP gear sets @$750.00

-TB/TC rear gearbox steel reinforcing plates, pre-drilled ready for installation. Includes     bolts, some spacers required.  Repairs a broken rear TC gearbox aluminum plate.  $80.00

-TA/TC/MMM Dual Spare wheel adapter and PA/PB etc  ( original lock-nut )- $200.00

-New Lucas 8” PA/B, TA, early TC  Flat “ U “ headlight lens  = $100.00

-New Lucas 8” late TC small vertical Lucas lettering headlight lens= $100.00

-New Lucas 8” TC late issue Horizontal ‘LUCAS “ lettering = $75.00 

-TB/TC/TD/TF light flywheel, under 10 pounds weight, $450.00

-New 2 eared MG knock-off hub nuts,  12tpi,  $40.00.

-New 2 eared MG Rudge Whitworth 12 tpi knock off nuts,. $75.00

-New TA/TC new wire wheels, painted or chrome, Enquire

-New Tyres, Blockley, Ensign, Dunlop, Michelin. Enquire

-MG T Series Art Prints, Set 4 prints, TA Tickford, TC, TD, TF, size 14” x 18” mat,   $25.00


All prices are in US$  with shipping extra.


Bob Grunau

150 Pinewood Trail,

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5G-2L1,

905-274-4136 or email

See Oil Filter for a look at my installation of one of Bob's oil filter adapters. Bud