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MG T SERIES PARTS AND SERVICES:                   December  2013


-TA/TC front steering knuckle stub axle inserts with ¾”-16 tpi thread, $60.00  each side. Use MG TD/TF/MGA stub axle nuts not supplied.

-TA/TC Stub axles supplied and installed in your steering knuckles @$200.00  each side.       Insert threads are ¾”-16 tpi, use nuts from MG TD/TF/MGA. Also MMM cars,J2,P,N etc

-TA/TC Tompkins steering box cover adapter kit= $150.00

-TB/TC/early TD/Y oil filter adapter for modern spin-on-$135.00

-TF/late TD oil filter adapter for modern spin-on-$100.00

-J2, F, M etc oil filter adapter for modern spin-on filter= $230.00 -

-TA/TC tapered rear axles with key and nut ( you taper bore your hubs ) $200.00  each.

-TA/TC new rear hubs taper bored for the above axles -$250.00 each.  

-TA/TC new front hubs -$220.00  each.

-TA/TC new rear wheel bearing securing 2" hex nuts with lip seals and keeper washers-$100.00 the set. Also for MMM cars, J2, PA, N etc. .

-TA/TC Alfin brake drums- $1400.00 set of four.

-MGA 1500 Alfin brake drums=$1600.00 set of four

-TA/TC new high ratio crown wheel and pinion gear set, 4.625 ratio $750.00.

-TB/TC rear gearbox steel reinforcing plates, pre-drilled ready for installation. Includes     bolts, some spacers required.  Repairs a broken rear TC gearbox aluminum plate.  $80.00

-TA/TC/MMM Dual Spare wheel adapter, ( uses original lock-nut )- $175.00

-TB/TC/TD/TF light weight racing flywheel, about 10 pounds, $450.00


 -SAE660 bearing bronze gearbox cluster thrust washers, -$20.00 each or $40.00 the pair.

 End float on the cluster gear is 0.004". This end float is sometimes difficult to achieve because proper thickness bronze washers are not available.  Standard thrust washers are 0.075" thickness or less. Replacement new parts from various suppliers vary in thickness. These new thrust washers in 0.076" thickness and 0.078" thickness for use in TC and TD/TF gearboxes allow you to adjust the end float to correct 0.004”.  


-MG T Series Art Prints, Set 4 prints, TA Tickford, TC, TD, TF, size 14” x 18” mat,   $25.00


All prices are in US$  with shipping extra.


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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5G-2L1,

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See Oil Filter for a look at my installation of one of Bob's oil filter adapters. Bud

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