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 Items of interest

From Larry Shoer - Feb. 6, 2007 - TSO CD-ROM
Would you please post the attachment on T-Talk?  There is no longer a need for the bolt-on search procedure I developed.  The integrated search utility works well and there are many other improvement in this Version 2 CD-ROM.

From Tom Pratt - May 20, 2006 - Tonneau Bars

This info would probably be in the FWIW dept.  I have finished restoring several of the above and here are some findings.  The TC bar is 38" lg overall lenght and the 'rod' is 'seamless' tube,  .630 OD x  .494 ID or .068 wall thkns, mild steel.  The TD's are 39" long with the same specs except TD # 0844 is seamless and TD # 10297 has a seam with a couple of tiny welds.  TF's of course used a different style bar on the back of each seat.   tom

From Colin M. Stafford - 11/11/05

Bud.....I have discovered that all of the 1st/2nd sliding hub gears for the TD box are all made by the same company and they are "ALL WRONG" dimensionally. Jack Knight (UK), MM and Abingdon. At least Abingdon will tell you they are not broached correctly and will not fit on the mainshaft.
The ultimate solution is to have them EDM'd. (Electrical Discharge Machined). This involved making an electrode from the shaft spline dimensions, adding the clearance needed and then burning the internal gear splines to size.
I also developed a method of assembling the two gears and spring loaded balls together. Make a 3/4" wide strip if 0.030" alum and wrap around the inner gear with the ball and springs in place. Around the strip you put a large hose clamp and tighten, leaving about an 1/8" of the alum. strip covering the balls. Then dimple punch the alum. strip on to of each ball to push into the recess. Put the whole assy. in a vise and push the two gear together. Simple.