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Roller Cam System from Len Fanelli

Advantage roller cams have over flat lifter cams is much more important from a performance standpoint. A roller lifter can handle a much steeper ramp on a cam lobe than a flat bottom lifter. This allows roller cams to open the valves more quickly so they can reach maximum lift earlier in the timing cycle. When you plot valve lift and duration on a graph, the area under the curve of a roller cam with an aggressive lobe profile will be greater than that of a flat lifter cam for the same lift and duration specifications. The higher ramp speeds and acceleration rates increase airflow, and consequently make more horsepower and torque. I have 3 street carburated grinds, 1) 1,000 to 4500 RPM.2) 3,500 to 6500 RPM ( 2) street blower grinds as well. & (2) full race. I will custom grind to any requirement. Regards, Len

One end is pinned, the other rides in a slot. A much neater set up than the period piece of the '50's.  $1,400 Custom ground camshaft kit,Camshaft 8620 steel, Lifters,Chrome molly, HD Pushrods, & Double valve springs. All state of the art, Made in USA. a VAST improvement in power throught the entire RPM Range, & Yes they are in limited production per order.  A roller cam will out perform any flat tappet cam for the same duration. No lifter wear, Less friction. Normally aspirated, Blower, Race, grinds, what ever your need is. Contact me via E mail, or Ph. 914-420-8699, Abingdon Performance

On October 31 I received the following testimonial from an obviously very impressed user of Len's system:

Dear Len,
Thanks so much for the opportunity to drive your MG-TD with the new camshaft.  I have never driven any "T" series car that performed like that!  I've driven TC's, TD's, and of course our own TF which was set up for racing at Lime Rock.  Your TD with the camshaft blew everything else out of the water, including "T" series set up with superchargers. I can now use 5th gear instead of 3rd gear going up a hill, great idle, & great torque!
Particularly impressive was the acceleration - powerful, quick, and smooth.  The RPM's were well into the 6,000 + range, and the engine didn't even feel as though it was straining.  The camshaft is a must for anyone looking for improved performance.
Ron Stout

Latest from Len (Nov. 29, 2009):

Hello Bud, would you please update my camshaft page to read; 3 cams in stock;
1) a torque cam for 4,500 RPM.
2) a fast road cam 1,800-5,500 RPM.
3) a fast road cam for blower engines 1,800-5,500 RPM.
Thanks, regards, Len Fanelli


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update 10/25/2011