Jeff Payne's TF Register

Here are links to a register of TFs maintained by Jeff Payne.  As of March 13, 2014 there were 1,319 cars in the registry.  The same list can be viewed from two formats, i.e., Excel or htm (webpage).  The registry is maintained by Jeff and the copyright is his.  Ttalk is only hosting the list to provide a vehicle for access to the list for those interested in such information.  Latest update July 10, 2017

Great news.  Rick Taylor has taken on the task of updating Jeff's TF Register.

So, as of February 17, 2017, any updates to Jeff's TF Register should be sent directly to Rick. He will then be sending periodic update files to me and I will post the updated TF Register information on Ttalk.  To contact Rick just click on his name here -  Rick Taylor.  (rgt3000 (at)

To view the list in Excel click World Register MGTF

To view the list as htm click World Register MGTF (May not display the latest version)

Contact Rick directly for information about listings. Click on his name here for an email link Rick Taylor