Wheel Bearing Puller
from Steve Wincze

During a recent Brake Job on the TD, one of the front wheel bearings stayed on the front axle instead of coming off with the brake drum/hub. The distance between the backing plate and the bearing did not allow the use of a long bearing puller as the foot of the jaw was too large to fit. I didn’t want to grind the foot down as the heat would affect the metal and its strength. I had borrowed a smaller “PowerBlock” puller which had a flat design to the foot of the jaw, and would fit between the bearing and the backing plate, but the overall length was too short to apply pressure to the end of the stub axle. The solution was to attach the jaws of the smaller puller to the jaws of the larger puller as shown in the photo. It worked like a charm. Also in the picture, you can see the penny that I used on each wheel cylinder to make up for wear, and to get back a full range of brake adjustment of the adjusting cam. These pennies were not needed with the new brake shoes which I had relined locally.


Puller Combo