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Odd TF Exhaust found by Gordon Clark

The gal across the road from me has a TF with a truly unique exhaust system. Its time to replace the muffler, but there is nothing standard that will fit. She wants to go with stainless, but wants to avoid any special fabrication.
There are two separate exhaust manifolds, both cast - not fabricated, and there is no MG crest on either, so it could have come from some other XPAG that is in any of the other MOWOG cars. Frankly, I think its absolutely beautiful and must be much more efficient that our standard cast iron 4-into-one. In her case, the two centre ports are siamesed, as are the two outside ports. They go as two separate pipes 'till well past the bulkhead and under the tub, and flow very smoothly with no sharp bends, and with lovely welding.
I've made a sketch to go with the two pictures.