XPAG Roller Camshaft Kits by Len Fenelli

 Roller Kit


Roller text


For MG “TC, TD, & TF”

“A Superior product.”

There is nothing else like it on the market, offering more horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range!

Custom ground for your application.


Complete kit will include:

·      Camshaft

·      Lifters

·      Pushrods

·      Valve springs


Other parts and services available:

·      Distributor recondition, recurve, for todays fuel

·      Ceramic coated piston crowns

·      Molly coated piston skirts

·      Machine shop services

·      Pressurized cooling systems for TC/TD

·      Engine rebuilding/component reconditioning

·      Specialty cylinder head work 

·      Engine balancing

·      Any parts and services not listed, please inquire


Less friction means less wear = more power!

Comment from user:

Hi Len,
Have raced the car at 2 hill climbs over the last two weekends and have decreased my best time at both events. (one by 3 sec.)
As far as I can tell this is due to the roller cam as the motor seems to rev much quicker than before. (I had to increase the rev limiter from 6500 to 7500 to stop it running on the limiter) .
So all in all I`m happy with your choice of cam.

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Contact Len Fanelli @ 914 420-8699

e-mail: laf48@aol.com

Len's Description

I have the best camshafts for XPAG engines. My 5th production run of Roller 
Lifter Camshaft kits are now into production.
 They are produced by 1 of 3 companies who supply the entire North American
 market with cores. A company recommended by Mr. Harvey Crane. This company
 also produces almost all of the transmissions &  or gears for NASCAR Cup &
 Nationwide series race car teams, as well as cams &  gears for many 
championship race cars & race/street bikes including Harley Davidson.
 A roller lifter cam will always outperform a flat lifter cam of the same
 duration, with no cam/lifter wear. Many grinds from stock, torque,  to 
all out race, including supercharged 15# of boost on methanol fuel!