RHD Pedal Shaft Modification

This page is an adjunct to PedalShaftDelk and shows the modifications for lubrication of a right hand drive pedal shaft.  The images shown are through the courtesy of Rod Jones.

Here is the drawing I made of my RHD  set up and what needs to be done to get lube to the bushings.
It is not to scale  but is fairly close.  You  can  certainly use it  if it will help someone else.
I also attached  a photo of the pedals in the box  but it is very hard to get close - with the body on.
It does show the difference  of widths on RHD  clutch pedal  and that both bushing are the same size. There is also  just one spacer between the pedals.

Here is the RHD shaft image showing the modifications:


RHD pedals:

RHD Pedals

New shaft and bushing:



New shaft and bushing

New shaft:

New Shaft

Another View

Another View


See PedalShaftDelk for more information.