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Anti Roll Bar Systems

A number of contributors to the TD-TF section of the UK MG BBS have offered to share their designs for the installation of anti roll bars in TD/TF cars.  Jim Merz has sent images showing the installation of MGB components in his TD.  John James and John Progess have each sent images and text relating to their installation of anti-roll bars in their TFs.  Also adding to our wealth of knowledge is a contribution from Ernst Ettema. Plus John Redman (25May05).

 LaVerne produced 3 YouTube videos showing the installation in a TD.  These replace his original YouTube video that had music on it.
 Here are the 3 YouTube videos byTD by LaVerne - (January 6, 2015):

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Here are LaVerne's 3 ARB videos, downloadable from here.  They are fairly long, so be ready for them.  You can either save them or view them with your favorite viewer.  Please honor LaVerne's copyright.  (2/25/2015)

Part 1 is 46.8MB long - click on ARBLED1.mp4
Part 2 is 48.5MB long - click on ARBLED2.mp4
Part 3 is 39.7MB long - click on ARBLED3.mp4

TF ARB from LaVerne Downey (3/25/09)

Merz ARBS (TD) (Revised 12/12/2014)

James ARBS (TF)

Progess ARBS (TF)

Ernst ASBS    (TD)

RedmanARBS  (TD MkII)

Also see this question

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